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Asendia and Sustainability, engaging three major stakeholders

To become sustainable in the logistics sector requires smart thinking. The transportation of goods is by nature a source of emissions and so achieving sustainability is a challenge – this makes cooperation at every level essential. At Asendia we aim to work at continually improving sustainable cooperation between three main stakeholder groups: Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

True sustanability starts with our own people.
The Asendia team has a key role to play in reducing our carbon emissions and improving our environmental performance. We also want to make Asendia a great place to work’; to this end we will promote employee diversity and personal/professional development to create an enriching workplace.

We aim to improve sustainability in our supply chain  We will engage with existing suppliers to share best practices and improve environmental performance. Partnering with suppliers who care about sustainability has a positive impact and Sustainability will be a key factor in future purchasing contract negotiations.

Have the opportunity to choose a range of Sustainable solutions, developed by Asendia, to reduce environmental impact throughout the logistics chain. We will share best practices and offer products and services that reflect their desire for Sustainability.