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E‐Commerce » Trends, Country Focus, Whitepapers | 08/22/2014

Plenty of e-commerce opportunities – think Switzerland!


Switzerland is a small but important e-commerce market, offering plenty of opportunities for European online retailers.


The Swiss are online in large numbers and have an appetite to find cheaper prices and larger product ranges beyond their borders. And the country is a relatively easy market to enter, even though it is not part of the EU. Customs clearance can take as little as a day and through the other side you’ll find a first class logistics network.

But, as ever, there are many things that retailers planning to enter Switzerland should consider in order to maximise their success. It’s a unique market in terms of its language mix and legislation. Its consumers also have their own take on wider European e-commerce trends – and, because of the size of the market, it is not always easy to find out up-to-date information about what that is. Here at Asendia, we have been helping companies distribute their goods across Switzerland for years. We’ve produced this guide so that others can share the same success.



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