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    » Case Study | 02/19/2014

    The Entertainer – successful future with multi-channel Toyshop


    E-commerce and international expansion are part of the gameplan at The Entertainer according to Duncan Grant, director of multi-channel at the toyshop, which is a family run business and Asendia customer.


    • The company constantly talks to its customers to understand their requirements.
    • It keeps a close eye on what’s happening in the industry and the new services and online technologies being tested.
    • Duncan says that it comes down to making sure you focus on innovation and back it up with a large amount of investment – both in terms of time and money, and that having good partners helps.

    The multi-channel side of the business is crucial to the business‘s future success

    E-commerce has accounted for nearly 15% of sales and the company has seen double-digit growth every year for at least the past seven years. The two drivers for this growth are The Entertainer‘s 30-minute “click and collect” service and international business.


    20% of total sales made via The Entertainer’s website are international

    Focusing on the EU has broken down many of the regulatory barriers for the company to break into cross-border e-commerce but is also had to consider whether it could achieve enough sales to make investment in different markets worthwhile, and whether it could find the right retail and delivery partners.

    „We’ve managed to grow so much in Europe over the past four years because we now work with couriers from the UK but offer customers the same kind of delivery timescales and costs.“

    Duncan says: “We’ve managed to grow so much in Europe over the past four years because we now work with couriers that ship from the UK but offer western European customers the same kind of delivery timescales and costs as a customer in the UK. We can scale our business very easily using our existing UK infrastructure.”

    The company is planning domestic language websites for the more mature western European markets, where it is also looking for multi-category retailers to partner with. In central and eastern Europe, where e-commerce is not currently so advanced, it will consider looking for franchisees to open physical stores.



    Sector: Retail
    Location of company: UK