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Asendia USA: The world is your address.

Shipping to Addresses Around the World

Make Your International Shipping Process Timely and Affordable


Asendia USA’s goods and parcels services provide timely and cost-efficient shipping to addresses around the world. We help make the usually time-consuming international shipping process as simple as possible. Working with Asendia USA, you gain:

  • The perks of our postal network’s global reach 
  • Our influence as the largest U.S. consolidator
  • Total control over your international e-Commerce shipping

Not only do we offer unmatched postal discounts, but as an Asendia USA customer, you’ll enjoy timely delivery and the ability to do away with time-consuming steps by allowing our team of experts to organize and establish your international shipping process. As global experts, we understand the particulars of international shipping. From individual countries’ limitations, rules and regulations, to working with locals to ensure there is no language barrier holding you back, we help you easily establish international success.

It’s our priority to not only offer our customers the most affordable international shipping, but also the highest quality found across the globe. Fill out the form to the right to get your quote today!

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