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Data Processing Services

International Address Manager 

Asendia USA uses one of the most advanced technologies available in our industry for International and Canadian mailing address data hygiene. We offer a one-stop data solution including international address verification, correction, formatting and reporting.  With over 240 countries and localities supported, our technology manages nearly every country and territory in the world at significant levels of detail. Our system can process addresses in local language, using both Roman characters with accent marks/diacritics and double-byte non-Roman characters such as Japanese Kanji. We offer a Global Data Processing System that is truly state of the art.

International Dedupe Manager

Asendia USA’s International Dedupe Manager is a process which makes use of a fully integrated program that uses flexible matching criteria and phonetic algorithms to cleanse and dedupe your International address file. This process allows us to uncover duplicate records based upon your choice of selected criteria. Duplicate records can be removed from your file, leaving you with a cleansed and deduplicated list. Our system can process addresses in local language, using both Roman characters with accent marks/diacritics and double-byte non-Roman characters such as Japanese Kanji.

Canadian Address Manager 

Asendia USA utilizes the most advanced software technology available in order to sort Canadian mail under the Letter Carrier Presort (“LCP”) guidelines. This is the finest mail sort for Lettermail, Admail, and Publications, allowing customers to receive the greatest postal discounts available. Our technology offers a comprehensive software solution that cleans, codes, validates and standardizes address data. By ensuring that mailings meet CPC standardization requirements, our customers can avoid surcharges for non-standardized pieces and obtain substantial cost savings from CPC discounts and incentives.  In addition to performing an LCP sort, Asendia USA provides merge/purge services for our customers’ Canadian mail.

National Change of Address 

Asendia USA’s NCOA services can help to reduce mail costs, improve database list data quality, increase sales revenue and increase deliverability of your mailing piece.  Presently, there are 9 countries outside of the United States offering a B2C NCOA service, and 5 offering a B2B NCOA service, in order to help you keep up with these address changes. Asendia USA will take your data file and match it to each respective country’s mailing address database, using the name and address to match against. In the event a match is found, your data record will be flagged, indicating that the customer has moved to a new address. For those individuals who opt to have their new address provided, the new information will be forwarded back to you so that you may update your database with the new mailing address data.

Domestic Address Manager 

Asendia USA utilizes Mail Manager 2011, a BCC Software program, which sorts and encodes with power, precision and intuitive ease of use. This program is used to sort domestic mail, including First Class, Periodicals, Standard Mail and Bound Printed Matter, that qualifies for presorted and automation rates, allowing our customers to realize significant cost savings on their domestic postage. Bi-monthly software updates provide the most up-to-date USPS zip code data. Encoding increases the rate of deliverability of our customers’ mail and boosts accuracy by identifying bad addresses.

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