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Expert Direct Mail

Cost-Effective Direct Mail Services and Solutions

Expert Direct Mail is the cost-effective solution for all your direct mail marketing needs. Our Expert Direct Mail solution provides you with the best postage rates to all major international destinations by optimizing the sorting and preparation of your direct marketing campaigns. With this solution, you have the opportunity to save big by doing more upfront preparation before sending your materials to our facility. Get the price you want, the destinations you want, and a reliable shipping solution.

With Asendia USA, you can choose from a wide range of delivery options that meet your needs and expectations. International mailing can seem like a costly investment, but our direct marketing services were developed with your needs in mind. Our solutions combine our expertise, efficiency and cost-saving technologies to accommodate the needs of businesses shipping internationally. Asendia USA works closely with direct marketing customers to deliver outstanding international campaigns and the best return on investment.

Global Direct Marketing

If you are new to marketing overseas or you are looking to increase the frequency in which you do business internationally, we can help. Executing cross-border marketing campaigns should be handled with a strategic approach. Localization, mailing formats, custom clearances and selecting the best origination points can be challenging. We are here to help you save the time and money necessary in order to grow your business.

Using the right direct mailing solution is crucial to the stability and growth of your business. Catalogs, brochures, promotional mail, and other forms of marketing mail can help improve the quality and quantity of business you acquire.

Get Total Cost Control On Your International Mailing Services

You need to deliver your message globally. We have the solution. Our direct mailing services use speed, reliability, and accuracy to ensure that mailing marketing materials internationally is simple and affordable.

Benefits of Expert Direct Mail:

  • Comprehensive International Solution
  • Secure and Reliable Delivery
  • Minimal Costs Through Optimized Preparation and Sorting
  • Competitive Rates

Expert Direct Mail is best for marketing and advertising materials, such as catalogs, brochures, and promotional mail being sent in mass volume. With an international distribution reach, and transit times of 3-9 days for Priority mail and 7-14 days for Economy mail, your company's marketing message will be unified across countries. For a full overview of our Expert Direct Mail Service, see below:

Main Feature Cost Savings
Delivery speed Priority
Size Options Specific to each individual country
Preparation Sort items by country, zone, format, and option plus possible specific requirements of the destination country
Best For Marketing Materials
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Promotional Mail
Undeliverable items Options available for undeliverable items:
  • Physical return
  • Digital scan of item and physical return
  • Destruction
  • Digital scan of item and destruction

We are on call to offer strategic insight when you need it the most. Overcome international boundaries with the help of our direct mailing experts today.

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