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Because the Customer Experience Doesn't End at Their Doorstep

Does your current global returns process provide a positive user-friendly customer experience? Asendia USA's Global Returns Solution, powered by eShopWorld, enhances the localized shopping experience for your global customers, providing the final piece of the puzzle to ensure a remarkable customer experience from start to finish.

Global Returns Solution

Asendia USA’s Global Returns Solution is currently the only service of its kind available to cross-border etailers. We work closely with each etailer to develop a customized returns solution that best fits their unique business model. Our service is used by top internet retailers who understand that providing a best in class customer experience ultimately increases business.

The Returns Journey: The Shopper

Providing a simplified returns process for your customers increases your chances of gaining repeat business. With Asendia USA’s Global Returns Solution, the shopper will log in to a returns portal branded with your ‘look and feel’. Then they will simply select the product to return, choose a reason code, and print a label – it's that simple!

Asendia Returns Reason Codes
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The shopper then sends their return to the nearest in-country/in-region Asendia Returns Center.

Asendia Returns Center Locations
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The Returns Journey: The Returns Center

At the Returns Center, the parcel is scanned, contents are checked against the return order, and the return is either accepted or rejected. Returns are consolidated for shipping back to the etailer's distribution center at low, pre-agreed rates, with no re-import charges. Certified destruction is also available.

The Returns Journey: The Retailer

With full reporting and visibility of the returns pipeline, the etailer can track the parcels from the shopper’s doorstep all the way back to their shelves!

Available standard reporting includes:

  • Number of returns initiated by country
  • Number of returns received at returns center
  • Percentage of total orders returned
  • Percentage of returns by return code
  • Other reports configurable as required
Asendia Returns Reporting Sample
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Key Benefits

Some of the top benefits of Asendia USA's Global Returns Solution include:

  • Fast issue of refund to shopper
  • Low cost returns service using pre-negotiated rates
  • Total visibility of inventory in returns pipeline
  • Reduced re-fulfillment time and cost
  • Avoid import duties as returns are re-imported back using returned goods relief
  • Reduces email/telephone customer service interaction

By partnering with Asendia USA, your Global Returns costs will decrease and your conversion rates will increase! Most importantly, your shoppers will be happier due to a local returns service that enables faster refunds and exchanges.

Ready to learn more about Global Returns? Call us today at 1-800-MAIL-287 to speak with one of our trained experts!


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