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Asendia USA Goods and Parcels Services

Take Control with Asendia USA

As a leading provider of integrated services for shipping and delivery, Asendia USA has been helping USA businesses operate around the world for over 30 years. Our services and solutions are here to support you by ensuring your packages and parcels go where they need to go. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, cost-effective, and reliable shipping solutions and excellent customer care for all features of our Goods and Parcels services.

As an Asendia USA customer, you’ll enjoy timely delivery, cost-efficient shipping services, and the ability to do away with time-consuming steps by allowing our team of experts to organize and establish your international shipping process.

Take advantage of Asendia USA’s expertise regarding the ins and outs of international shipping and eliminate costly setbacks. Already know what you’re looking for? Stop waiting and call us at 1.800.MAIL.287 today.

Shipping Your International Goods Has Never Been Easier

Asendia USA combines decades of experience with an unrivaled global reach to provide all of our customers with plenty of options when it comes to shipping international goods and parcels. As global experts, we understand the particulars of international shipping. From individual countries’ limitations, rules and regulations to working with locals to ensure there is no language barrier holding you back, we help you easily establish international success.

Cost efficient international delivery of packages and parcels

Searching for a cost-effective solution to send goods and parcels and don't require tracking? Asendia USA's Standard Goods service is the option for you.

International delivery of packages and parcels with basic tracking

Use Asendia USA's Country-Tracked Goods service to let your customers know their order is on its way! This option includes basic tracking information and our world-class parcel shipping service.


International delivery of packages and parcels with tracking

Asendia USA's Fully-Tracked Goods service offers your customers tracking from pickup to delivery for their international orders and priority parcel shipping services. 


Partner with Asendia USA

Don’t let the complex task of international shipping and delivery stop you from growing your business. With advice, assistance, and solutions from Asendia USA, you can delivery your goods and parcels anywhere, whether it’s down the street or around the world. Get secure and reliable support on every delivery and give your customers the user experience they deserve as you establish yourself as a global e-Commerce leader.

With Asendia USA’s global e-Commerce solutions, you get:

  • Global checkout for multiple forms of currency
  • Site localization
  • Multilingual customer service representatives
  • Returns management local to shipping destinations

Put your goods in good hands with around the clock, around the world services. Contact us today to find out more about our international goods services.


92% of customers are satisfied with Asendia’s services