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Enhance Your Relationship with Global Readers

Your subscribers all want the same things: timely delivery, great looking magazines or journals, and outstanding customer service. International subscribers are particularly sensitive because they are often treated like a second priority by mailing companies. Asendia USA specializes in international mail delivery and offers end-to-end solutions to respond quickly to all of your readers' needs. Asendia USA offers both priority and economy services so you can fully customize your mailing solution by date, location or title. 

One-Stop-Shop Saves You Time and Resources

Asendia USA boasts a full-service lettershop and fulfillment center on each coast with modern warehousing facilities. We provide unmatched value and save you time and resources while cutting down on handling of your printed materials. Our inventory is available online, and we offer a host of polybag, inkjet, labeling, folding, tabbing and printing services. 

      - Main Feature: End-to-End Publication Mailing Service

      - Primary Usage: Magazines, Newspapers, Journals

      - Transit Time: 3 - 9 Days (Priority)

                              7 - 14 Day (Economy)

      - Distribution Reach: Worldwide

Mailing to Canada Made Easy

Depositing mail directly into Canada can save both time and money. Asendia USA offers Canada Direct Entry Publications service so we can easily provide you with the fastest delivery to your Canadian customers.


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