USA Supplier

A direct-to-consumer sports supplements and vitamin supplier in the USA who began working with Asendia USA in 2015.

About Customer

This pure play internet retailer specializes in selling sports supplements and vitamins direct to consumers. The company originally began as a supplement wholesale provider. After building a well-established business in wholesale, they later began offering their products directly to consumers online.

USA Supplements Case Study


The Challenge

Asendia USA began working with the Customer in the Fall of 2015. Prior to using Asendia USA, the Company experienced a significant year over year decline of their international business. They were looking for ways to not only drive traffic to their website, but also to convert visitors to customers to bring the Company back to and above their former international volume and revenue. The online supplement industry is very aggressive and highly competitive as there are an overwhelming number of players in the game.

This Company knew they needed to focus on aggressively lowering their lightweight international and mid-weight (5 to 8 pounds) package costs in order to regain the international revenue they had lost. Further, in order to partner with a shipping provider, this provider would need to have the ability to integrate with the Company’s back -end system or work directly with their carrier platform, Endicia Professional. Manual entry or too many additional steps simply would not be productive enough to justify the integration and partnership.


The Solution

Asendia USA offered this Customer our Fully-Tracked Goods solution coupled with a direct integration through Endicia Professional. Our Fully-Tracked Goods solution provided the following:

Significantly lower total per piece cost for both less than 4.4 lb and over 5 lb pieces than what was already in place (a cost reduction of approximately 37%)
Improved package level visibility through added delivery confirmation country availability
Improved customer delivery experience through our mobile-friendly, branded, customized tracking portal
Direct integration through Endicia Professional enabling a very automated solution, thereby reducing any additional time for order entry

Lastly, Asendia USA also manages the inbound transportation process for transporting the Customer’s international packages from their warehouse to Asendia USA’s Midwest facility just outside of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. We provide direct one-on-one sales and customer service support to the etailer’s customer service and management teams with efficient and timely follow-up.


Asendia solutions make your cross-border e-commerce simple and reliable, supporting your order management, webshop and international delivery.




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