How to Offer Track and Trace International Deliveries for My Customers

01 October, 2018

Track and trace is simple but effective technology that enables a piece of mail, package or parcel to be followed from the point of dispatch to the moment of delivery. It’s very effective with respect to building customer trust and ensuring transparency on deliveries that are going out of the country. In fact, many customers now look for a track and trace option in delivery choices before making a purchase.

How does track and trace work?

Every parcel that is being shipped under track and trace will be assigned a unique identifier. This can then be used to follow the progress of the parcel as it leaves its origin country and is shipped to its destination.

Offering track and trace international deliveries

  • A choice of track and trace options. Many customers now expect to see a track and trace option, especially when it comes to international deliveries. You can offer this with basic tracking – where notifications are provided at key stages in the journey, such as dispatch and receipt – or full tracking, which provides total transparency on each part of the delivery process.
  • Easy to view and access. Track and trace for international deliveries is easy to access via an online international tracking system. There’s no paperwork, no information requests and no need for a customer to contact the retailer to find out where the parcel is, as they can see this online for themselves.
  • Different delivery choices. Mailbox delivery means that customers don’t have to wait in for a parcel to be delivered while personal delivery requires a signature and so is more secure.
  • Key information for customers. Track and trace will give customers access to a wide range of information that they might otherwise contact a retailer to ask for. This includes whether an order has been filled, whether it’s correct, whether there are any issues with the order, whether dispatch has taken place, where the order is right now and when it will be delivered.
  • Simple to integrate into your customer communications. Providing customers with the links and information they need to access track and trace on international deliveries couldn’t be simpler. This ease of use will help to build a positive impression of retailer customer service, as well as offering the opportunity to include more information about brand and products.
  • Avoiding failed deliveries. According to IMRG failed deliveries cost up to £780 million in the last year. Track and trace – with mailbox delivery options - helps to reduce the costs and admin involved in lost or undeliverable packages.

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