International delivery services for worldwide parcel distribution

Asendia USA's goods and parcels services provide timely and cost-efficient shipping to addresses around the world. Our range of services meet the needs of international retailers by satisfying the demands of cross-border logistics.


  • Ability to choose how packages are shipped, the level of tracking and the cost
  • Experts at global delivery for parcels
  • Simplified customs clearance options

Ideal for:

  • Retailers, e-Commerce businesses and B2B and B2C distributors
  • Delivering your parcels to customers around the world
  • Sending small sized and lower value parcels
  • Solutions for both lightweight and heavy parcels

With an over-thirty-year association with the United States Postal Service (USPS), and a wealth of relationships with numerous international postal administrations, Asendia USA can provide cost-effective postal solutions for International, Domestic and Inbound mail and parcels. From standard to country-tracked and fully-tracked goods, our flexible options provide a customized experience.

It’s our priority to offer our customers the highest quality and most effective parcel services across the globe. Fill out the form to the right to get your quote today!


We can rely on Asendia to proactively seek out the best value services, and trust that they work on our behalf to keep our costs down. Marketing Team, IOP Publishing
“Our requirements for fulfilment and mailing have grown considerably over the years and this has been largely down to the great partnership we have with Asendia which allows us to combine their services with ours knowing we have the great support, backup and expertise to which we, and therefore our customers, have become accustomed.” Indigo Press