Corporate Magazines

Corporate magazines are a highly effective way of sharing news, whether on a local or international scale, because they enable companies to speak directly to their target audience in their own words. A well-executed corporate magazine can build a much closer relationship with consumers than traditional forms of direct marketing.

How can you get consumers to buy what you’re selling?

For many companies, the answer lies in content – and some committed few are finding success in corporate publishing. Enjoy our revised video with up-to-date statistics and Asendia expert tips on how to expand your business through international Corporate Publishing.

How can you effectively use corporate magazines to increase customer loyalty?

  • Incorporate a strong corporate strategy that goes beyond the product or service you are selling.
  • Ensure that your content is relevant and aligns with readers' interests.
  • Write in clear, simple language.
  • Provide changes of pace with graphic elements and eye-catching imagery.
  • Ensure that your content has the broadest possible reach and is read by the most relevant audiences.
  • Be aware of cultural sensitivities in the countries targeted for distribution.

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Physical Vs. Digital: How can corporate magazines boost your business?

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