Domestic Returns

Domestic Returns offers a local experience for the shopper.

To simplify your returns handling and provide your customers proximity for dropping off their returning parcels, access to a local address is given. This strengthens shopper trust and accelerates the returns process.

With our Domestic Returns, there are two choices: a Prepaid solution to enable free returns, or a Partly-paid option so customers enjoy cheaper postage rates for returns.

Specifically for Switzerland, Content Check and Duty Drawback can be set up as additional services.


  • Improved shopper satisfaction
  • Increased customer satisfaction; a shopper prompt to reorder on your website
  • Enhanced shopping experience with ability to ship returns locally
  • Reduced processing time for customer refunds
  • Flexibility and choice with Prepaid or Partly-paid solutions
  • User-friendly tools to complement the process: Asendia Shipping and Asendia Tracking

Which service is right for you?


Prepaid Partly-Paid
For retailers who want a local return address Yes Yes
For retailers who want to offer free returns Yes
For retailers who want to charge shoppers a fixed price for returns Yes
For retailers who want to facilitate the returns procedure Yes

Our Domestic Returns solution streamlines the returns process for you and your customers.

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