Fraud Protection

Don't let fraudsters catch you off guard.

We have had reports of fraudulent emails claiming to be sent from Asendia, requesting customers to change the bank account they pay invoices to. These emails may appear as if they are from a trusted source, so it could be easy to fall for this scam, resulting in significant financial losses.


We only send emails from email addresses

Fraudsters can register domains that are similar to, for example,,, etc. They then use a false ‘From name’ and often include a false – but legitimate looking phone number too.

At first glance the email can appear to be genuine, so please be very careful.



How we are doing our part to limit the risk
Yellow Arrow We subscribe to a service that monitors new domain registrations and informs us of any that are similar to
Yellow Arrow We have registered many domain names that are close matches to
Yellow Arrow Whenever we hear of customers being targeted we will inform you
Please report anything suspicious

If you receive an email that you suspect is fraudulent please do not respond – instead, call us immediately. You can call your regular finance department contact or your account manager.


You can also report any suspicious activities by completing the form below. 

This form is for Security Reports only.

For Customer Support and Tracking please follow this link.

Remember, nobody from Asendia will ever request personal information, usernames and passwords from you via email nor will we send you URL links for payment via email.

If you receive anything like this in the future, please contact your usual finance contact at Asendia to verify its authenticity, and we can answer any questions you may have.


Remain vigilant

These emails can be difficult to catch because they appear to be harmless, and have a normal friendly tone and use Asendia branding. Therefore, when receiving sensitive communications such as payment requests please be extra vigilant.


Here’s four things to look for:

Check the email domain - Look out for a variation of Asendia’s domain name of

Unusual bank details - If the bank details are different to the normal ones.

Legitimate branding - The Asendia logo will look like the one above and email signatures should look the same as other emails from Asendia staff.

Correct phone number - Check the number against the one you normally use.


We thank you for your vigilance.