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We deliver across the Middle East and Africa from the USA.

This region presents a unique and exciting opportunity for cross-border businesses who are looking to tap into markets with huge potential.
It’s a fascinating mix of renowned e-commerce destinations and emerging markets, each with their own distinctive character and consumer preferences. From Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey and Morocco, e-tailers are discovering great success in nations across this region.
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We deliver mail and parcels to all countries in the Middle East and Africa, however some countries are more open to international commerce.

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Asendia's partnership with Israel Post began in 2016, by pairing Asendia's international distribution services in 17 countries to Israel's local network. This provides a leading parcel solution for delivery to consumers in Israel.

It really is the perfect time to introduce your business to Israel: not only are Israeli consumers hungry for online shopping, local retailers are slow to keep up with the demand.

So if you’re looking to expand your brand into Israel, or if you’re already sending small parcel volumes to Israel, let Asendia help you achieve greater growth and cross-border success!


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Turkey’s 21 million e-commerce consumers are spending increasing amounts of time and money online, snapping up electronics, media, furniture and appliances. This fast-growing market, uniquely situated between two continents, offers exciting opportunities for retailers looking to grow cross-border.

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Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian e-commerce market continues to grow, fuelled by high GDP and internet penetration across the country. Fashion is the most popular product category, accounting for almost $2 billion worth of sales.

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With our delivery solutions to Qatar you can seize the cross-border e-commerce opportunities this market presents.

Qatar is experiencing impressive e-commerce growth in recent years, with 67% of online orders placed in 2017 purchased outside of Qatar. While cash on delivery is a popular payment method, the government is investing heavily in e-commerce initiatives and training programmes to boost retailers’ online presence and increase digital payments.

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With Asendia's delivery solutions you can take on the Bahraini e-commerce market.

High computer-literacy rates and internet penetration have combined to make Bahrain one of the leading countries in the Middle East for online shopping. Bahrain’s Electronic Transactions law protects online payments, giving both shoppers and businesses confidence and continuing to grow the cross-border e-commerce market.





Find success in the Middle East’s retail and tech hub, the UAE.

The Middle East is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market and the UAE is at its heart. With numerous start-ups and investors fuelling a rapid rise in cross-border e-commerce, 60% of UAE shoppers now purchase footwear, electronics, jewellery and other goods from foreign countries online.

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Take on Morocco’s emerging e-commerce market with expert B2C logistics support.

Morocco’s e-commerce industry is small but growing fast. Both public and private investment are helping fuel online shopping and improving digital payment methods, with Google predicting a 28% year-on-year growth in online sales in the MENA region. Targeting this market early means you can get ahead of the competition.

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More and more e-retailers are targeting Egypt; beat the competition with Asendia's delivery solutions

Over half of Egypt’s population is online and the e-commerce market is expected to reach $2.7billion by 2020, showing steep growth in just a few years. Companies are taking note of Egypt’s high levels of internet penetration, with many moving quickly to secure an audience in this rapidly-emerging market.

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Grow your audience in Oman with delivery services customers trust.

The Omani government is actively promoting a ‘digital society’ in the country and e-commerce is just one sector benefiting from significant investment, with the number of electronic transactions doubling in 2017. Omani shoppers are increasingly buying cross-border, resulting in high demand for new international e-tailers.

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Let us show you the exciting new e-commerce opportunities in Kuwait and how Asendia can help you deliver.

Savvy online shoppers in Kuwait are spending more and more on international online platforms, as high internet penetration opens up greater choice and better prices. E-commerce is growing steadily in the region and cross-border shopping is widely considered to offer greater quality products and reliable service than local e-commerce in Kuwait.

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Let Jordan’s growing e-commerce market take your business to new heights.

E-commerce is growing fast in Jordan thanks to widely available high-speed broadband. Additional initiatives from the Jordanian government, designed to stimulate e-commerce growth, make Jordan an e-commerce destination with real potential.



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