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Marketing Mail

Founded by two leading postal operators, no one knows international direct mail like Asendia.

We help you promote your products and services to consumers and businesses around the world, working hand-in-hand with local postal services in over 220 countries and territories. We can just handle the postage and mailing or provide an integrated solution that includes printing and mailing house services too.



Give your marketing mailings every chance of hitting their mark with our specialist international mail preparation and postal services.

We make sure your marketing mailings arrive in good time & we optimize your postage costs with priority and standard options available. Our expertise covers catalogs, brochures, leaflets, and promotional letters, helping you target potential and existing customers in creative ways.




2 direct mail postal services to suit different needs

Both of our international direct mail services deliver direct mail worldwide, final mile delivery is handled by the same postal provider, and there are Priority and Economy options - but, they give you different ways to access the services and different price points. 

We recognize that businesses have varying mail preparation capabilities. Some will work with a mailing house (or ours!) that can do sophisticated address formatting and mail sorting to achieve maximum postage savings, whereas others require a simpler solution.

Expert Direct Mail
Save the most money on your international direct mail postage.

Our expert direct mail service is specially designed for global mailings that are prepared in a postage-optimized manner specific to each country of destination. This normally means it is prepared by an expert international mailing houseIt is the most cost-effective solution for the distribution of international direct mail.

Easy Direct Mail
Less work for you or your mailing house to undertake.

Also suitable for either priority or non-priority mailings, our Easy Direct Mail solution requires less work from you or your mailing house. Instead, we do more sorting and/labeling of your direct mail to get it ready for delivery worldwide. It costs more than Expert Direct Mail as there's more for us to do, but takes the hassle away from you.



How does it work?

Asendia has international mail centers across the world - and mailing houses in some countries - with the expertise to prepare and consolidate customers international direct mail, making it ready for postal operators within each country to handle the final mile delivery. We get it to the countries by air or by road and ensure it is cleared through customs swiftly.


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La Poste and Swiss Post postal networks

Our parent companies - La Post and Swiss Post - have reciprocal agreements with postal operators worldwide which we utilize to achieve very competitive rates. We also have partnerships with alternative postal services where they can offer something better than the national postal provider.



'Local look' international direct mail

If your direct mail piece looks like it has been sent from within the country of the recipient, it is likely to be more trusted and achieve a better open rate and response rate.

For many destinations, we can produce your mail with this local look and provide advice to your printer too.


Optional mailing house services

Asendia's mailing houses are best placed to produce international direct mail that is optimized for our international postal network. Services offered include: address formatting and cleansing, printing, envelope inserting, and poly-wrapping.

You could save money and time and mitigate risks by taking advantage of our one-stop-shop service.


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