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Mailing Fulfillment Services

Asendia's mailing houses can produce mail that is optimized to minimize postage costs and delays, and maximize open rates and response rates.

We are best placed to produce your mailings so they are optimized for our international postal networks, saving you money and time.

Services offered include: address formatting and cleansing, printing, state-of-the-art inkjet addressing, piggyback labeling, tabbing, high-speed folding, high-speed polybagging, machine inserting up to 9x12 envelopes, hand inserting and labeling, match mailings, online access to inventory, presort automation, and more. We also specialize in catalog fulfillment. Once we've fulfilled your mailings we can sort and consolidate them, and prepare them to the requirements of each final mile postal operator around the world.

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Asendia’s mailing house solutions across the USA

Asendia USA offers lettershop and fulfillment solutions for mailers across the nation. Whether you're sending marketing mail, business mail, or publications, we have the solutions you need!


Address cleaning

Successful mailings begin with quality mailing lists. Asendia USA offers a host of international and domestic data processing services to help our customers maintain the quality of their mailing lists, reducing waste and costs, and improving delivery times and response rates.



Catalog Fulfillment

Asendia USA’s Catalog Request Fulfillment Service is designed to provide accurate and timely distribution of catalogs to your inquirers. Our service enables you to reach your prospect at the peak of their interest, by delivering the catalog in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. We offer a simple and timely service - you provide the catalogs and lists, we provide the service and expertise. We will match your fulfillment lists to the catalogs required for each individual shipment. Each shipment will then be pulled, packed, labeled, processed, reported on, and mailed. We do the work for you, expediting the process and ensuring the accuracy of the shipment.

Catalog Fulfillment



Whether you’re mailing direct mail, business mail, or publications, you need your addressing and messaging to be clear and formatted appropriately for the postal system. Asendia provides you with both laser printing and inkjet personalization options. Our pre-press services can set up both simple mail merges or complex requirements using data and images from your database.

Asendia staff printing



Some very well-known publications are polybagged and mailed by Asendia USA. With high-speed Sitma packaging systems, we can polybag almost any mailing, from large catalog runs to niche magazines. As well as competitive polybagging prices, we offer a lot of flexibility; inserting up to 10 items per pack, providing inkjet addressing or carrier sheet printing, and with jobs ranging from 500 magazines to 500,000 catalogs. We offer high-speed polybagging, multiple onsert capabilities, and USPS-approved poly.



Envelope inserting, tabbing, and labeling

Our envelope inserting service includes low-cost high-speed options for direct mail or business mailings, as well as intelligent inserting options for transactional mailings. We also have a team of hand-workers for mailings that cannot be automated.

We offer high-speed folding, labeling, and tabbing services too.

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How could you benefit?

Asendia USA’s state-of-the-art technology handles mailings from the printer to recipient. Our one-stop-shop maintains control over the entire operation to greatly reduce processing time. We offer deeply discounted postage and provide a host of mail preparation services in the same facility.


Save money

Cut costs with efficient integrated mailing fulfillment and postal services

Our mailing house can prepare your mailing perfectly to be directly injected into the US postal system or the global postal networks of La Poste and Swiss Post, to maximize postage savings. You could also benefit from efficiencies from having one supplier handle your data, printing, fulfillment, and postage.



Save time

Spend less time managing multiple suppliers and let us take care of it all

Time is precious, and our one-stop-shop solution can save you valuable hours. What's more, if we are handling your fulfillment and postage, it's down to us to ensure materials are ready and suitable for our machines, and that the mail is prepared perfectly for our postal network.


Improve your results

From 'local look' direct mail to Priority services for publications, we can help you get the most from your mailings

If your mailing is prepared correctly and arrives in great condition, it will help minimize delivery delays and maximize open rates. This is what we aim to achieve for you, so you get the best results from your mailings to maximize sales or keep your readers happy.


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