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We deliver all over North America with operations, offices, and partners strategically placed across the region.

Asendia’s largest subsidiary is in America. Asendia USA has several mail centers nationwide and helps the Group develop partnerships with leading final-mile delivery providers and customs brokers. So, once we transport your mail and parcels into this important region we have the expertise you need to deliver them on time and in the condition you expect.

Domestic mail and parcel services are also available for businesses located in the USA, with substantial savings available.


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Key Destinations

The USA and Canada are key destinations for many cross-border e-tailers. They are markets that are well understood, where English is the preferred language, and where online shopping comes naturally.


Our mail and parcel services to the USA are some of our most popular services from many of our subsidiaries in other countries. The US is a vital global market due to its purchasing power, heavy consumption, and open-minded approach to trade. And the amazing thing is – it’s still growing!

With Asendia USA’s US Inbound solutions, companies mailing to US residents from outside of the United States can access our postage discounts for Presorted 1st Class and Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Parcels. Asendia USA is also an approved wholesaler under the USPS Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesaler Program, which offers significant discounts for final-mile delivery of international inbound shipments. 

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Canada is a market with many opportunities, especially for retailers in the USA. Canadians are enthusiastic online shoppers and the e-commerce ecosystem is booming. Canadian's are also receptive to direct mail and foreign magazines. Plus, statistics show Canadians tend to shop more abroad — with only 33% of purchases happening domestically.

With Asendia by your side you can reach this market with cost-effective mail and parcel delivery.


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