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Founded by two leading postal operators, no-one knows international mail like Asendia. We help you reach consumers and businesses around the world, working hand-in-hand with local postal services in over 200 countries.


Marketing Mail


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We make sure your marketing mailings arrive in good time & we optimize your postage costs with priority and standard options available. Our expertise covers catalogs, brochures, leaflets, and promotional letters, helping you target potential and existing customers in creative ways.


Business Mail


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We offer a cost-effective range of business mail solutions dependent on your needs. 

Whether you send letters, invoices, statements, or reports, and it's in envelopes or polythene-wrap, we can mail it worldwide. We offer priority and standard services to suit different timescales and budgets.




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Asendia has international mail centers across the world - and mailing houses in some countries - with the expertise to prepare and consolidate customers' international publications, making them ready for postal operators within each country to handle the final mile delivery. We get it to the countries by air or by road and ensure it is cleared through customs swiftly.


Mailing Fulfillment

We are best placed to produce your mailings so they are optimized for our international postal networks, saving you money and time.

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Services offered include: address formatting and cleansing, printing, state-of-the-art inkjet addressing, piggyback labeling, tabbing, high-speed folding, high-speed polybagging, machine inserting up to 9x12 envelopes, hand inserting and labeling, match mailings, online access to inventory, presort automation, and more. 


Thousands of businesses choose Asendia's international mail services

From banks, retailers, publishers and telecoms companies to marketing agencies and mail consolidators. We are trusted to deliver mail to their customers around the world, on time and within budget.
“Asendia make a real effort to understand our business and the management of our account and the flexibility of the services they provide has remained consistently outstanding. Asendia set a very high standard of customer service and they’re genuinely a pleasure to work with.”
St John Ambulance


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