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Business Mail

With a heritage in mail that goes back decades, we can send your business mail around the world efficiently and reliably.

We help you reach consumers and businesses around the world, working hand-in-hand with local postal services in over 220 countries and territories.


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Send business correspondence efficiently and easily. We provide straightforward mail solutions for organizations of all sizes.

We offer a cost-effective range of business mail solutions dependent on your needs. Maybe you require regular collections from a mail room or your mailing house, and perhaps you would like us to advise on mailing fulfillment as well as distribution?




What can we mail for you?

Whether you send letters, invoices, statements, or reports, and it's in envelopes or polythene-wrap, we can mail it worldwide. We offer priority and standard services to suit different timescales and budgets.


How does it work?

Asendia has international mail centers across the world - and mailing houses in some countries - with the expertise to prepare and consolidate customers' international business mail, making it ready for postal operators within each country to handle the final mile delivery. We get it to the countries by air or by road and ensure it is cleared through customs swiftly.


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La Poste and Swiss Post postal networks

Our parent companies - La Poste and Swiss Post - have reciprocal agreements with postal operators worldwide which we utilize to achieve very competitive rates. We also have partnerships with alternative postal services where they can offer something better than the national postal provider.



Optional mailing house services

Asendia's mailing houses are best placed to produce international business mail that is optimized for our international postal network. Services offered include: address formatting and cleansing, printing, envelope inserting, and poly-wrapping.

You could save money and time and mitigate risks by taking advantage of our end-to-end service.


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