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From world famous magazines and newspapers to niche journals, Asendia can keep your mailing costs low and customer satisfaction high.

We understand that cost-control and providing a reliable service for readers are critical to a publisher's success. We work hand-in-hand with local postal services in over 220 countries and territories to provide a mailing service that is as efficient and reliable as possible.


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Getting your publications into the hands of your readers around the world is our core service

In all countries Asendia operates in, our mailing services are at the heart of what we offer - but in some countries we can do so much more.




How do our postal services work?

Asendia has international mail centers across the world - and mailing houses in some countries - with the expertise to prepare and consolidate customers' international publications, making them ready for postal operators within each country to handle the final mile delivery. We get it to the countries by air or by road and ensure it is cleared through customs swiftly.


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La Poste and Swiss Post postal networks

Our parent companies - La Poste and Swiss Post - have reciprocal agreements with postal operators worldwide which we utilize to achieve very competitive rates. We also have partnerships with alternative postal services where they can offer something better than the national postal provider.



Priority and Standard postal options

We know that not all publications are the same. Some need to be delivered as quickly as possible and the reader has paid a subscription - others are published less frequently and speed isn't of the essence, but budget is.

 Both options provide a high level of reliability and are available to most countries around the world.



Postage discounts for qualifying publications

 Postal operators in many countries across the world offer discounts to support the publishing industry. We can advise on what is available and how you qualify, and then produce your mailing to the strict requirements necessary to maximize these discounts.


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Optional mailing house services

Asendia's mailing houses are best placed to produce international mail that is optimized for our international postal network. Services offered include: address formatting and cleansing, printing, envelope inserting, and polywrapping.

You could save money and time and mitigate risks by taking advantage of our end-to-end service.


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