Meet our Partners

By combining our expertise with the strengths of our partners, we can offer even more tailored solutions than ever before. Asendia USA is fortunate to call the following companies our partners.
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Best Manifesting

A USPS eVS Certified Vendor

Best Manifesting A USPS eVS Certified Vendor

Best Manifesting is a USPS Certified and Authorized Vendor of eVS and Mail.dat offering multi-carrier options with our user-friendly product Best Ship™ since 2006. We offer custom development and integration to all inventory management and international shipping options. We work with companies ranging from 50 to 250,000 Flats and Parcels per day. The Best Ship software includes many features and options that separate us from other companies offering shipping solutions. We gladly give free consultations to any company looking to improve delivery objectives and lower overall shipping costs. For more information, visit

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Streamline and Automate Your Shipping

DesktopShipper Streamline and Automate Your Shipping

DesktopShipper provides web-based and desktop shipping solutions built for today’s online retailers and fulfillment companies. Leverage our shipping API and access multi-channel order management across leading marketplaces to simplify order fulfillment. Instantly access today’s lowest shipping rates and personalize your business rules to ship faster than ever before. For more information, visit

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The Simple Shipping API

EasyPost The Simple Shipping API

EasyPost's Multi-Carrier API offers one seamless API for all carriers. The EasyPost API supports Asendia USA, and many other national carriers. EasyPost is a RESTful JSON shipping API and offers supported client libraries in Java, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and .NET. The EasyPost API provides: Rating, Shipping, Tracking, Address Verification, Customs, and Batch Shipping. For more information, contact

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Sell Global. Feel Local.

eShopWorld Sell Global. Feel Local.

eShopWorld is part owned by Asendia, a strategic alliance that allows both organizations to offer the best possible solutions for our customers and innovative approaches across all aspects of international e-commerce localization, payments, shipping and distribution. eShopWorld simplifies global e-Commerce, managing all the complexities of online sales to international customers, and focuses on providing the highest level of user experience, from the moment shoppers visit your website until their order arrives at their doorstep. For more information, visit

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Malvern Systems, Inc.

Affordable, Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Malvern Systems, Inc. Affordable, Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Malvern develops multi-carrier shipping software for companies across a wide variety of industries. Malvern’s shipping software offers sophisticated integration capabilities and significant scalability at extraordinarily affordable prices. Malvern offers automatic, side-by-side rate shopping, business rules logic, all major national and regional carriers, integration to any business system and the expertise and responsiveness you should expect from a company in business since 1980. Malvern is available as a desktop shipping application or as a developer’s toolkit. For more information, visit

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MotionPoint Corporation

New Markets. No Limits.

MotionPoint Corporation New Markets. No Limits.

Founded in 2000, MotionPoint is a global technology solutions company that powers new market growth for world-class brands. They operate more than 1,200 global websites in more than 40 languages, every day. In fact, MotionPoint launches a new localized website every business day of the year. MotionPoint also combines intelligent applications, big data, and expert services to localize, translate and optimize websites for strategic markets. Their award-winning approach guarantees the quality, security and scalability required to succeed in a competitive global marketplace. For more information, visit

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Shopify Experts

Pogodan Shopify Experts

We specialize in building bespoke web applications like the Asendia integrated shipping app for Shopify. Our platform has integrations for over 30 different API services and counting. Whether you need email tools, digital downloads, third-party logistics, shipping, billing, accounting, SMS, file storage, external authentication, we can help. From REST to SOAP to GraphQL, SFTP servers, CSV JSON and XML, to receiving and processing (or sending) just about any sort of webhooks. All built around your business logic and integrated tightly to yours or your clients' stores. For more information, visit

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ProShip, Inc.

Multicarrier Shipping Software and Supply Chain Solutions

ProShip, Inc. Multicarrier Shipping Software and Supply Chain Solutions

ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company, is a global provider of logistics software and product solutions, including enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping and manifesting software, automated packing solutions and intelligent parcel lockers. ProShip’s reputation for quality is backed by decades of IT and supply chain expertise. From packing to shipping to delivery, ProShip’s powerful solutions enable goods to be delivered faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before. For more information, visit

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More Channels. More Sales.

SellerCloud More Channels. More Sales.

At SellerCloud, we are dedicated to helping online retailers sell wherever products are sold. Our platform is integrated with more than 45 sales channels, helping you reach more customers and generate more sales. SellerCloud provides a powerful set of tools to meet the challenges of multi-channel selling. From inventory management, to multichannel listing, to order processing and shipping as well as accounting integration, we can help you streamline your operations through synchronization, simplification and automation. For more information, visit

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One Solution for Accurate Inventory, Shipping & More

ShipHero One Solution for Accurate Inventory, Shipping & More

You know your product. You know your customer. ShipHero's platform & team empowers you to run your post-purchase e-commerce fulfillment operation without the need for multiple separate apps. Do it all with ShipHero!

- Inventory & Order Management, Pick, Pack, Shipping as well as Returns Automation

For more information, visit

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The shipping solution that doesn’t stop at shipping.

ShippingEasy The shipping solution that doesn’t stop at shipping.

ShippingEasy provides a complete solution for e-commerce merchants to automate order imports and shipping, manage inventory, and increase sales through customer email marketing and online reviews. Powerful integrations with leading online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many others allow merchants to manage orders, products, and customers from everywhere they sell—all in one platform. For more information, visit

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The Shipping API for E-commerce

Shippo The Shipping API for E-commerce

Shippo is a leading multi-carrier API and dashboard for shipping that empowers platforms, marketplaces, warehouses and e-commerce stores with the building blocks they need to succeed. The company processes millions of shipments per month for more than 10,000 customers. With instant access to Asendia USA for real-time rates, printing labels, automating international paperwork, tracking packages and facilitating returns, companies of all sizes trust Shippo to power their shipping. For more information, visit

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Wherever You Sell, However You Ship.

ShipStation Wherever You Sell, However You Ship.

ShipStation is a leading web-based shipping software that helps e-commerce retailers import, organize, process, and ship orders efficiently from any web browser (including iOS and Android mobile devices) no matter their size. With over 150 shopping carts, marketplaces, carriers, and fulfillment services, including Magento, Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Canada Post (and so many more), you can streamline shipping wherever you sell and however you ship. For more information, visit

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Shipping Software for eCommerce and Warehouse Shippers

ShipWorks Shipping Software for eCommerce and Warehouse Shippers

ShipWorks enables multi-carrier, multi-location businesses to effectively manage shipping across their entire organization, all from one simple interface. ShipWorks features “plug-and-play” support for over 80 online marketplaces and shopping carts including eBay, Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, Magento, Shopify, and Bigcommerce. Users can print shipping labels for any carrier, including Asendia USA. Plus, ShipWorks offers significant discounts on USPS rates and supports any negotiated carrier rates. Best of all, ShipWorks can be completely automated. Set rules that automatically print pick lists, packing slips and more. Get started with our free 30-day trial at or call 1-800-952-7784 for more information.

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Powers orders, inventory and business intelligence

Skubana Powers orders, inventory and business intelligence

Skubana is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that enables multi-channel brands and retailers to unify their back office operations. Skubana serves as your operational nervous system, providing a centralized platform to handle inventory and order management, fulfillment and purchasing. With features like an open API, automated purchase order recommendations, advanced order orchestration rules, and analytics, Skubana empowers e-commerce brands to improve their operational efficiency and make smarter business decisions. For more information, visit

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Subscription Trade Association

SUBTA Subscription Trade Association

SUBTA is the first trade organization for the subscription industry. Connect with industry insiders, access proprietary research, get discounts on special events and the Subscription Summit—the industry’s largest conference.

  • Knowledge Hub includes curated content, monthly newsletter, industry data, and proprietary research
  • Events, webinars, and podcasts hosted by industry innovators & thought leaders
  • Private online community
  • Discounts to events & partner offerings
  • SUBTA Membership Seal for members who have satisfied certification requirements

For more information visit

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U-PIC Insurance Services

Shipping Insurance

U-PIC Insurance Services Shipping Insurance

U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc., is a leader in providing low cost parcel insurance worldwide to businesses and individuals. Packages are covered against damage, loss and theft with a savings of up to 85% less than the carriers charge. U-PIC is the provider of choice for parcel insurance for leading e-commerce companies and their clients. Continue to ship with your carrier and insure with U-PIC for less. U-PIC offers low competitive rates, referral programs and an expedited online claims process. U-PIC has been insuring packages since 1989 and is underwritten by the Navigators Group, Inc., an international specialty insurance holding company. U-PIC is based in Agoura Hills, California. For more information, visit

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Secure Payment Processing

Worldpay Secure Payment Processing

Worldpay is a leading, single-source provider of electronic payment processing services. Worldpay manages the entire processing experience in-house, from transaction authorization to fund settlement and customer service. They provide value pricing, excellent customer service and flexible programs specific to your business. With direct connections to all major card networks, Worldpay delivers a range of payment options including credit, PIN-secured debit, EBT, gift cards and more. Worldpay processes millions of transactions daily for businesses of all sizes. This quick and efficient payment platform allows you to accept payments by credit card, electronic check and phone. For more information, visit

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XPS Ship

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

XPS Ship Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

A web-based shipping solution with ecommerce integration, XPS Ship helps merchants efficiently fulfill online orders. Integration capabilities include commonly used ecommerce sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Woocommerce, and many more. REST API, webhooks, and ODBC integrations are also possible, as is CSV importing of orders. XPS creates efficiencies for merchants through advanced features, including:

  • Live Customer Service
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Batch Printing
  • Rules Engine (Shipping Automation)
  • Order Tag Customization
  • Multi-Package Shipping
  • Email Notification
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Department/Location
  • Sale Integration Capabilities
  • Auto Email Notification
  • Custom Package Types
  • Integrated Rate Quoting (on limited platforms)

For more information, visit