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About Asendia

We empower businesses to grow across borders with a range of international e-commerce and mail delivery services.

Launched in 2012 by La Poste and Swiss Post, and with operations across the world, we bring together a wealth of international and local expertise, and a network that delivers to over 200 countries and territories.


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Asendia is located in 4 continents and delivers parcels & mail worldwide

Austria  /   Belgium  /  Denmark  /   France  /   Germany  /  Italy  /  Netherlands  /  Spain   /  Sweden  /  SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom
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North Asia

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Asendia has partnered with An Post for their Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland.
Middle East

Asendia has partnered with Emirates Post Group (EPG), the logistics market enabler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to cover the complete range of e-PAQ services (Standard, Plus and Select) in the GCC countries and Middle East.  

Emirates Post reveals new look - Parcel and Postal ...

 Asendia has partnered with Israel Post, the largest last-mile provider in Israel.  
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DTDC, a leading Indian Express and Parcel Service Provider, have a strategic partnership with Asendia to offer Indian retailers access to Asendia's global network. Competitive tracked solutions are available to key destinations such as the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.




Asendia is partners with Selluseller, the Asian market is dominated by marketplaces, and with Selluseller’s SaaS platform you can manage inventory, orders, pricing and product catalogue across 40+ marketplaces in Asia.



South Asia

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Asendia Europe
Austria  /   Belgium  /  Denmark  /   France  /   Germany  /  Italy  /  Norway   /  Netherlands  /  Spain   /  Sweden  /  United Kingdom
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Unrivaled mail heritage and innovating in e-commerce


Asendia’s heritage as a mail business is unrivaled, but today we are also at the forefront in providing e-commerce parcel solutions for e-tailers selling internationally. We provide a number of value added services too, including returns, fulfillment and lettershop, and we have acquired a number of companies to enhance our services, including eShopWorld a global e-commerce software business.

La Poste and Swiss Post

Founded in 2012, Asendia has the combined expertise of over 1,500 employees across 4 continents.

32 Global locations

Operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and final-mile delivery partners across the globe.

Delivering Worldwide

Our parcel solutions and mail services are global, and we deliver millions of items each month.


Asendia's Vision 2025

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We make cross-border commerce easy, reliable and sustainable - worldwide

Customers come first and we support their international ambitions through smart technology and agile logistics excellence.

We provide brands with digital solutions improving consumers’ online shopping experience and connect retailers with marketplaces.

We give our customers access to global markets through our extensive and innovative distribution solutions, harnessing our worldwide postal partnerships.


Acquisitions and Partnerships

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We are committed to continually improve and expand our services to the benefit of our customers. In recent years we have taken big steps to achieve this through acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

esw logoAsendia acquired full ownership of ESW in 2021.

ESW is the complete enterprise commerce solution for iconic brands looking to accelerate growth within and across borders. With ease and speed.

With their innovative technology, you can optimise the end-to-end customer journey; from customer acquisition and checkout, and all the way to shipping and returns.


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Our acquisitions of wnDirect (UK) and Globegistics (USA) are excellent examples of our commitment to expand and enhance our e-commerce services. These two businesses were relatively young, dynamic and successful companies that developed their international parcel solutions through market-leading technology. This includes customs clearance and delivery duty paid services, and returns solutions, in addition to international parcel delivery services. 


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Premium Partners

Asendia works hand-in-hand with postal and parcel operators in over 200 countries and territories. However in some regions we have Premium Partnerships which provide Asendia's customers with even more benefits.



Asendia has partnered with An Post's Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland. Asendia is your expert for cross-border deliveries from 17 countries worldwide, and An Post is the most experienced and trusted ecommerce parcel delivery company in Ireland. Hand-in-hand we work to provide an excellent customer experience for you and your Irish customers.



In 2016, Asendia signed a sales partnership with Israel Post for e-commerce parcel solutions to Israel. This partnership will unlock potential for retailers looking to expand their commerce to Israel, a destination with many opportunities. Israel Post is the largest last mile provider in the country and the deal with Asendia not only offers excellent value for money but also ensures parcels injected into their parcel network are expedited.

Asendia USA brings over 35 years of experience and relationships in the international shipping and mailing industry, helping US-based e-tailers and mailers reach customers around the globe.

Originating in 1986 as Brokers Worldwide, Asendia USA was well-established in the industry when Asendia was formed in 2012. In 2018, Asendia acquired Globegistics, Inc. further strengthening our presence in North America and offering customers nationwide access to our solutions.

Asendia USA is an international and domestic parcel and mail company specializing in the preparation and distribution of parcels, marketing mail, business mail, and publications worldwide. We provide warehousing, fulfillment, and worldwide delivery for several top US-based internet retailers and businesses and are an integrated/preferred carrier for Amazon and eBay. Offering creative solutions, we can work closely with your organization to tailor a shipping program that will exceed your needs and grow your business. Asendia USA currently delivers catalogs and parcels, both domestically and internationally, for etailers based all over the US.

More than just a shipping company

From providing tools to upgrade your website to appeal to international customers, to getting your product to their doorstep, we have the e-Commerce Solutions you need to serve the global market! Fully-landed cost options, comprehensive global shipping and returns management, multicurrency transactions without the risk of fraud, detailed reporting, and much more! Our customized solutions reduce costs, improve transit times, and provide a superior customer experience.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

From providing tools to upgrade your website to appeal to international customers, to getting your product to their doorstep



Where are we?

Asendia USA offers solutions via 5 strategically-located major gateway processing centers, including Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In addition to our nationwide processing facilities, we have remote Sales offices throughout the United States, making access to our dedicated Account Management Team convenient for all customers, regardless of location.



Our Partners

In addition to Asendia’s global strategic partnerships, Asendia USA partners with several local industry players to help us provide more convenient solutions to our customers. These relationships include shipping platform providers, shipping insurance companies, payment platforms, and more. Check out the Asendia USA Partners page for a complete list. We also have local strategic partnerships with the USPS, other leading providers of logistics services, and final-mile delivery companies. These partnerships allow us to provide more businesses across the nation with access to our shipping solutions.


Our Local Mission

Asendia USA is committed to providing sustainable, reliable, and effective parcel and mail distribution and enhanced digital solutions for our customers in the global e-commerce industry.

We deliver personalized customer support and offer innovative and simplified solutions that reduce costs, provide consistent transit times, and improve the customer experience for retailers, mailers, and online consumers.

Asendia USA is dedicated to maintaining a fair, open, safe, and team-oriented environment for our valued employees.

The USA Management Team

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A wealth of experience and talent, along with a passion for delivering outstanding global shipping and mailing solutions for our customers - from operational knowledge to sector expertise, our team combines some of the best leadership and management skills in the industry. 
Rob DiVincenzo
CEO, Asendia USA
Gary Shunk
Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, Asendia USA
Douglas Longobardi
Executive Vice President, Sales, Asendia USA

Rob has worked in the international mail and parcels industry for 27 years and most recently has served as the CEO of Globegistics, Inc. since its inception in 2011. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and veteran of Operation Desert Storm. Prior to leading Globegistics, Rob was President of Pitney Bowes International Mail Services and EVP, Sales International Mail Express (IMEX).


Rob is an experienced executive with strong leadership and communication skills with a proven track record for innovation and consistent, goal-oriented management. Rob has created a culture based on values of integrity, teamwork, performance, and competitive spirit.


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Gary M. Shunk in 1989 became a co-owner of Brokers Worldwide, which later became part of Group La Poste, now Asendia USA.

In 1980, Gary M. Shunk started his professional career as a Corporate Trainer, later entering the Transportation Industry with Airborne Express in Philadelphia, PA, in 1982. In 1984, he moved on to FedEx in Philadelphia, PA, where he held several top Sales Management positions. He remained with FedEx until joining Brokers Worldwide as a co-owner and Sr. Vice President in 1989. Brokers Worldwide grew to become one of the largest international mail and parcel preparation and distribution companies in the United States.


Gary M. Shunk received his degree from West Chester University in PA. Prior to joining Asendia he was Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing, for Brokers Worldwide, a US subsidiary of Group La Poste. Gary served as Asendia USA’s Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing until July 2019 when he transitioned to the role of Senior Vice President, Marketing, Pricing, & Partnerships.


Out of office, Gary M. Shunk enjoys working out, traveling, reading, sports, and spending time with his grandchildren.


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Douglas Longobardi is the Executive Vice President, Sales of Asendia USA, joining the company when it acquired Globegistics. Prior to this acquisition, Doug was the Executive Vice President of Globegistics, a global eCommerce and mail solutions company he co-founded in 2011. Doug has over 25 years of postal, courier, and global distribution experience.


Doug attended Nazareth College of Rochester. His experience in the postal industry started with Access Direct Systems where he spent summers during high school loading postal trucks. Doug held various positions with Access Direct Systems over the years from working with the inserter machines and laser printing to data processing. After college, he moved on to become Manager of the Presort Division and later the company’s Postal Affairs Manager. Doug also spent time in the Customer Care department. After Access Direct Systems, Doug spent two years with a lettershop where he was in charge of Customer Care, later becoming the Vice President and moving into Sales. He then moved on to Supersort Limited where he served as VP, Sales. After Supersort, Doug was the General Manager, New York for Citipost, a hand delivery company that was sold to the Royal Mail in 2000. In 2003, Doug worked as the Sales Director USA/UK at WorldNet Shipping through 2011. In June, 2011, he and Rob DiVincenzo started Globegistics and built a $75M company from the ground up.


Out of the office, Douglas Longobardi enjoys spending time with his family, watching his daughter’s lacrosse games (a sport he played as well), golfing, eating, and working out - especially biking, running, and swimming.


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Joe Criesi
Senior Vice President, US Operations, Asendia USA
John McShane
Chief Information Officer, Asendia USA
Kelly Kaminski
Chief Financial Officer, Asendia USA

Joe Criesi has over 18 years of experience in the international mail industry. Prior to joining Asendia USA, he spent 8 years as the Vice President of Operations for Globegistics, joining the company when it was founded in 2011.


Before Globegistics, Joe spent 16 years with Chase Manhattan Bank where his last position was as Vice President of Credit Card Services.

Joe Criesi attended Farmingdale State College in New York for selected studies. Outside of work, Joe enjoys playing baseball, racquetball, and golf, and spending time with his family.


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In 2014, John McShane joined Asendia USA, and is currently the company’s Chief Information Officer.

Prior to joining Asendia, John had 18 years of experience working in several IT positions which included Director of Application Development, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Manager, Senior Database Administrator, Lead Architect and part-time Database Administrator certification instructor.

During his time with Asendia USA, John has been responsible for the management of the Information Technology Group. Leading a team of IT professionals, the functions under John’s responsibilities include application development; end-user computing; network development and maintenance; security; and IT support.

Out of the office, John enjoys the beach, reading, sports, and spending time with his family.


In 2009, Kelly Kaminski joined Brokers Worldwide, now Asendia USA, and is currently the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining Asendia, Kelly spent nearly a decade in the Accounting and Financial industry. Originally joining Asendia USA as an Accounting Manager, Kelly was later promoted to Controller, and eventually took on the position of Asendia USA’s CFO. While Kelly’s position with the Company initially involved the Accounting department, her responsibilities later grew to include management of the Billing and Data departments as well.

Kelly Kaminski received her Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, as well as her MBA in Management from Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies in Malvern, PA.

Out of office, Kelly enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her family.


Bob Puppa
Chief Operating Officer, Asendia USA
Tom Foley
Vice President, Government Affairs & Wholesale Accounts, Asendia USA
Angela C. Lotito
Vice President, Human Resources, Asendia USA

Bob Puppa is the Chief Operating Officer of Asendia USA. His areas of responsibility include Information Technology, Facilities, Operations, and Commercial Services. Bob initially joined the company as Senior Vice President of Commercial Services when Globegistics was acquired in 2018. 

Bob has over 30 years of experience in the international mail and parcel cross-border industry. He has held positions in sales, sales management, marketing, general management, commercial services, and new product development. Bob has worked throughout his career in building close working relationships globally with both Postal and Private carrier networks and serves as a member of the Global Distribution Board for Asendia Management SAS. 

Prior to joining Globegistics as the Vice President of Innovation, Bob held the role of Executive Vice President for IMEX Global Solutions. Bob was also a member of the Lion Equity Advisory Group working closely with that Board to identify Transportation sector acquisition targets for strategic expansion.

Bob is a graduate of St. John’s University in NY and holds a B.S. Degree in Business Management. Bob resides in Milton, GA with his wife, Melissa and son, Sullivan and enjoys golf and travel outside of work.


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Tom Foley is the Vice President, Government Affairs and Wholesale Accounts for Asendia USA. Tom spent 28 years with the US Postal Service where he spent most of that time involved with international business and the last 9 years at Postal Headquarters in Washington DC. Tom managed many different functions including International Sales, Global Product Management, and international Wholesale account management. Tom started his postal career as a letter carrier in his home town on Long Island NY.


Immediately after retirement, Tom joined Globegistics (now part of Asendia USA) where he managed all postal and government relations, contracts, and postal export compliance. Tom has a similar role with Asendia USA, but has recently expanded to now include managing the relationships with our wholesale accounts.


Tom is a US Coast Guard veteran and a graduate of Stockton University. He also attended Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, studying international business.


Tom is considered one of the leading experts in international postal procedures and regulations. He is very active in Postal and Government organizations. He is the Chairman of the International Mailers Advisory Group (IMAG) for the past 5 years and is also on the Board of Directors for the Parcel Shippers Association. Tom also regularly attends State Department open meetings as well as the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meetings.


Out of the office, Tom enjoys spending his time with his wife and three children, all of whom are either out of college or just starting college. Tom plays golf, swims, and is an avid sports fan.


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Angela C. Lotito is the Vice President, Human Resources of Asendia USA. Angela has over 30 years of experience providing HR for the transportation industry.


Angela holds an AAS Degree in Business. Prior to joining Asendia, Angela began her career in Human Resources (formerly called Personnel) in 1986 with AAA Transportation Group, a freight forwarding company, where she spent 21 years. After AAA Transportation Group, Angela spent another 12 years with Bolloré Logistics, the transport and logistics business unit of Bolloré Transport & Logistics. Angela joined Asendia USA as Director, Human Resources at the start of 2019. She is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the American Payroll Association.


Out of the office, Angela Lotito enjoys music, the beach, Broadway plays, and travel.


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Mark B. Feinstein
Sr. Vice President, Business Development, Asendia USA
Ludovine Baille
VP US Strategy & Project Management Office, Asendia USA
Erkan Dogan
Vice President, Commercial Services, Asendia USA

Mark B. Feinstein in 1991 became a co-owner of Brokers Worldwide, which later became part of Group La Poste, now Asendia USA.


In 1980, Mark B. Feinstein started his professional career as a Sales Executive, later entering the Transportation Industry with Airborne Express in Philadelphia, PA, in 1982. In 1984, he moved on to FedEx in Philadelphia, PA, where his last position was as District Sales Manager. He remained with FedEx until joining Brokers Worldwide as a co-owner and Sr. Vice President in 1991. Brokers Worldwide grew to become one of the largest international mail and parcel preparation and distribution companies in the United States.


Mark B. Feinstein received his degree from Rider University in New Jersey. Prior to joining Asendia he was Sr. VP, Business Development, for Brokers Worldwide, a US subsidiary of Group La Poste.


Out of office, Mark B. Feinstein enjoys traveling, sports, spending time with family, and dining out experiencing new cuisines.


Ludovine Baille joined La Poste UK Ltd (now Asendia UK Ltd) in 2008 as a Key Account Manager and joined Asendia Management Head Quarters in Paris as a Project Manager in 2012.

As such, Ludovine actively supported Asendia’s development to the e-commerce market and then developed to a PMO (Project Management Office) position to support the launch and coordination of groups of projects worldwide. She then took an active part in the design and deployment of the now globally used Asendia project management methodology and associated processes, known as Asendia Project Organization.

To support Asendia USA’s high business ambitions, Ludovine’s responsibilities developed in 2021 to a position as VP of US Strategy and PMO, with a relocation to Philadelphia, USA. Ludovine now also oversees Reverse Logistics Product Management.

Ludovine Baille received a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Rouen, France, as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communication and International Business from the ISC – Institut Superieur du Commerce - Business School in Paris, France.

Out of office, Ludovine enjoys being outdoors, traveling and exploring, and spending time with her family.


Erkan Dogan is Vice President, Commercial Services of Asendia USA, joining Asendia USA in 2014.

Erkan has over 20 years of experience in the international mail and parcel cross-border industry, spanning multiple continents. He has a strong background in global supply chain, strategy, business development, and e-commerce, as well as a proven track record in successful management of complex regional and global business environments.

Prior to joining Asendia USA, Erkan was the Vice President, Commercial services at Asendia Asia for 7 years, based in Singapore. Throughout his career, Erkan also held various management positions in the international mail/parcel/freight forwarding/logistics world based in Shanghai, China and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Erkan Dogan is a graduate of Loyola University in NY and holds an MBA in International Business. He resides in Berwyn, PA with his wife, daughter, and son. Erkan enjoys family time, sports, and cross-cultural travel outside of work.




Sustainability taken seriously

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Our founding companies La Poste and Swiss Post were ahead of their time with sustainable initiatives and carbon offsetting. In fact, La Poste was the first delivery operator in the world to reach carbon neutrality by 2012 for mail, parcel, express and digital services.

At Asendia, we are proudly continuing that heritage with sustainability as a core focus.




As of 2022, not only does Asendia offset all international transport emissions, we also include those by our delivery partners, parcel returns, our building emissions, machinery, and necessary business travel.


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