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e-commerce delivery solutions to Switzerland

No one knows Swiss e-commerce like us.

With Swiss Post as one of our parent companies, Asendia has Swiss e-commerce expertise in our foundation. That’s why we’re the number one choice for e-commerce parcel delivery and mail services to Switzerland.

Swiss consumers are looking online for great deals cross-border


Switzerland is a unique market; it’s not part of the EU, so it has its own customs and duties, but its high spending power and central location in Europe means Swiss consumers are well connected for cross-border shopping.
Swiss shoppers
have among the highest disposable income in Europe (Swiss Post whitepaper)
of Swiss consumers regularly make
cross-border purchases; especially from neighboring countries, China, USA, and UK.
of Swiss shoppers buy products online once a month

We understand – and meet – Swiss shoppers' delivery expectations


of Swiss shoppers want goods delivered to their homes
of Swiss consumers accept delivery times between 3 and 6 days
expect shipping updates directly from the seller
The Swiss prefer Swiss Post
Working with Swiss Post, our parent company and the preferred delivery provider, allows us to offer Switzerland’s most popular services, like DDP, through a trusted, recognized delivery partner.
With Asendia and Swiss Post by your side, you can offer Swiss shoppers a delivery experience that keeps them coming back to your business.


e-PAQ is a leading range of parcel services that are helping international e-tailers succeed in Switzerland

e-PAQ services to Switzerland are powered by Swiss Post. They not only help Logistics Managers achieve their objectives of quick, cost-effective and reliable delivery, they also help Marketing Managers optimize the shopper's experience.

Logistics Managers
Marketing Managers

Faster delivery times

Swiss Post's unrivaled infrastructure, knowledge of the country and individual households, plus automated customs clearance, means faster transit times for your parcels.


Simplify customs clearance

We automate forwarding customs clearance data to the authorities, so customs duties and VAT processing by Swiss customs is easier and faster.


Optimize delivery and returns

Shipments are delivered to customers - at home or a convenient collection point - with no hidden costs, while our flexible returns solutions work around your business.


Decrease costs and boost agility

By handling post and parcels up to 4.4 pounds in the same channel, we offer more cost-effective delivery. Constant tracking enables us to react quickly and solve emerging delays or delivery issues.


Unlock the Swiss market

Swiss shoppers love to see Swiss Post as a delivery option at Checkout; it gives them peace of mind, encouraging them to convert.


Optimize the shopper experience

Ensure there are no unexpected costs for your customers by charging all customs and duties in advance.


Maximize first delivery rate

With pre-clearance and flexible delivery options, you'll maximize the chance of a first time delivery and reduce inconvenience.


Simplify returns

Discover an easier returns process as customers simply drop off their goods at one of 3900 drop off points and we take care of getting it back to you


Experts in Swiss e-commerce


With operations in 17 countries around the world, Asendia offers daily collections from your facility that are efficient and cost-effective.


Cost effective transportation by air or road to Switzerland. We'll pre-sort packets and parcels for you to optimize delivery costs and speed.

Customs Clearanceswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Choose from two fully-automated customs clearance options and avoid lengthy queues at the border.


We have direct access to the Swiss Post network in Zurich and Geneva. Once checked, your goods are quickly on their way.

Last mile deliveryswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Parcels are delivered to the customer within 24 - 48 hours of arriving at our entry points in Zurich or Geneva.

2500 collection pointsswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Swiss shoppers often prefer to collect their packages from a pick up point, and Swiss Post has the biggest network of these.

Returns managementswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Customers simply hand in returns at one of 3,903 drop-off points across Switzerland; we provide the logistics and technology to handle the rest.

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Sail through Swiss Customs with Asendia

As Switzerland is not a member of the EU or EEC, Swiss customs are unique. This means there are customs duties, value added tax, and customs fees to deal with when shipping to Switzerland.

Asendia can automate and simplify the entire customs process when shipping to Swiss consumers so there are no delays or hidden costs for you or your customers.




Automate customs clearance

Trust the Swiss market experts to take care of customs for you. With automated customs clearance and Delivered Duty Paid options, we can provide the solutions and guidance you need.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Save on customs fees and transaction costs.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Prevent delays so goods arrive on time.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Provide great service to your customers.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Use a trusted local delivery partner.








Simplify returns management

A complicated, inefficient returns process can quickly result in mounting costs, especially when traveling cross-border. Asendia and Swiss Post offer individual returns solutions tailored to your needs. You choose what’s best for you and we’ll take care of the rest.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 We’ll reclaim taxes and import duties paid for you.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Optimize your returns to save time and money.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Make your logistics and admin processes more efficient.
switzerland-destination-bullet-01 Provide fast, easy returns services for your customers.



See what our customers say…

"Asendia are different to many other businesses we have worked with before. They took the time to explain all of the options to us and were able to educate our team. It wasn't just the information sharing that impressed us but also Asendia 's transparency and honesty."
Urban Outfitters
International Fashion Retailer

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Why target Switzerland’s e-commerce market?

High order valuesswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

According to the “iPhone index”, which measures how many hours a citizen of a given country needs to work to afford an iPhone, Swiss people only have to work 20 hours to afford an iPhone. That’s compared to over 40 hours for Germans and Austrians. And that high earning potential translates into high order values online.

Lack of choiceswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Some goods simply aren’t available to buy in Switzerland as it’s more cost-effective for retailers to store only best-selling products in Swiss warehouses. This is due to its smaller population than neighboring France and Germany. For e-commerce retailers, this means Swiss consumers are used to buying from abroad.

High domestic pricesswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

High wages mean high prices, so Swiss shoppers are used to looking abroad for better deals. For clothing, electronics, and other consumer goods, the Swiss are happy to source cheaper products cross-border.

Happy to buy cross-borderswitzerland-destination-yellow-line-01

Despite the transaction costs and other fees, importing goods into Switzerland is still cheaper than buying locally in Switzerland. For foreign e-commerce retailers, this is great news as Swiss consumers will come looking for your store.


We’re your experts for mail to Switzerland, as well as parcels

When it comes to delivering business mail, marketing mail, or publications to Switzerland, our parent company Swiss Post makes us the ideal choice for all your mail needs.

Business Mail


Whether it’s letters, invoices, statements, or reports, utilize the Swiss Post mail system to get your business mail delivered quickly and efficiently, at a price that suits you.

Marketing Mail


We’re experienced in printing, distributing, and handling all marketing mail including brochures, leaflets, and promotional letters.



Need your publication delivered weekly, monthly, or quarterly? We can offer flexible delivery times and costs that work for you and your customers.


Get a quote for e-PAQ services to Switzerland. Alternatively, call or email us.


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