• Customers Want Options
    In today's one-click-world customers want tracking and delivery options that fit their lifestyle. Asendia USA has you covered.
  • Building Solutions With You In Mind
    Need faster service for your daily parcel mailings or help with fulfillment? We build the perfect solution - just for you.
  • Focus on What's Important
    Duties? Customs? We know you have better things to worry about. Asendia USA lets you focus on your business.
  • One-Stop-Shop
    Mail, parcels, lettershop, fulfillment, bindery - Asendia USA's one-stop-shop can handle it all!


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Asendia's Know-How section

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Want to take your business to the next level?

With online sales in Western Europe expected to reach £79 billion by 2020, more companies than ever before are exploring e-commerce as a way of expanding their business. Research is key before you expand overseas... More »

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Direct marketing is appreciated by young and old

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UK retailers to prioritise the omnichannel experience

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Creative direct mailings… compelling as ever

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It’s time for a more social e-trade in Sweden...

Swedish e-trade is growing more than ever and Swedish e-trade companies are considered to be leading on the EU market. This situation makes it even more surprising that the connection between e-trade and social media is relatively weak in Sweden. More »