Asendia's Premium Partners

Asendia works hand-in-hand with postal and parcel operators in over 200 countries. However, in some regions we have Premium Partnerships which provide Asendia's customers with even more benefits.


As a subsidiary of La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia benefits from the reciprocal agreements postal operators around the world have, which covers over 220 countries. In addition, for key strategic destinations Asendia has negotiated alliances that offer a number of extra benefits.


With operations in 17 countries and hundreds of business customers, we are able to negotiate discounted rates with Premium Partners. We may also be able to benefit from expedited processing and unique support from our partner, including expert market insights and consultancy for our customers.

Our Partners

An Post

Asendia has partnered with An Post's Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland. Asendia is your expert for cross-border deliveries from 17 countries worldwide, and An Post is the most experienced and trusted ecommerce parcel delivery company in Ireland. Hand-in-hand we work to provide an excellent customer experience for you and your Irish customers.

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Israel Post

In 2016, Asendia signed a sales partnership with Israel Post for e-commerce parcel solutions to Israel. This partnership will unlock potential for retailers looking to expand their commerce to Israel, a destination with many opportunities.

Israel Post is the largest last mile provider in the country, and the deal with Asendia not only offers excellent value for the money, but also ensures parcels injected into their parcel network are expedited.


Oman Post

Asendia has established a postal premium partnership with Oman Post, offering e-commerce solutions to the Gulf region and unlocking potential for retailers looking to expand their business to the Middle East, a fast-growing and high potential market.

Gulf countries are well-positioned for e-commerce expansion due to their high internet penetration ( 92% of UAE and 65% of Saudi Arabia), but cross-border e-commerce in this area is still in its infancy, so now's your chance to gain first-mover advantage.



The new postal services offered by DTDC, in exclusive partnership with Asendia, empower Indian retailers to reach their customers all around the world with cost-efficient tracked solutions for the delivery of low-value goods, which make up the biggest proportion of products sold online.

By accessing the postal network of Asendia, DTDC launches a very complementary postal service to their current portfolio, responding to customer needs and the fast-growing international demand for Indian products.

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Ninja Van

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express delivery company providing hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia.

Launched in 2014, Ninja Van started operations in Singapore and has become the region's largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company, with a network covering six countries across Southeast Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Our Founding Partners

La Poste

Asendia is a joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, so naturally we have unique access to the services of La Poste Group in France.

La Poste is not only the national postal operator of France - with an unrivaled mail and parcel network throughout the country - it also has many subsidiaries specializing in courier, fulfillment and document management. These leading suppliers include DPD, Colissimo, Chronopost, Docapost, and Maileva.


Swiss Post

Switzerland may be small, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to e-commerce potential, And, with Swiss Post as one of our parents, Asendia has privileged access to the leading services in Switzerland that businesses need to succeed.

From Mailbox Plus and Post Logistics - the leading parcel solutions - to postal services for direct mail, business mail, and publications, Asendia has you covered.

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