Frieze is a media and events company made up of four publications, three annual international art fairs and an academy. Asendia provides data cleaning and printing so they can concentrate on other important aspects of events.

About Frieze

Frieze is the go to resource for contemporary art and culture. Frieze is made up of four publications; Frieze Magazine; Frieze d/e; Frieze Masters Magazine; and Frieze Week; and three international art fairs; Frieze London; Frieze New York; and Frieze Masters; as well as a provider of courses and talks at the Frieze Academy and the three Frieze Art Fairs are held annually. Originally a contemporary art fair aimed at selling work, Frieze became a cultural event with enthusiasts and celebrities attending to view the displays. Starting off as just Frieze London, in 2011 Frieze Masters was added to showcase historical art and Frieze New York added to meet the needs of the growing New York art scene.

Frieze Case Study


The Challenge

Frieze first came to Asendia in 2014, they required a mailing house to outsource the printing, sorting and mailing of VIP invites and tickets for the Frieze Art Fairs. Initially done in-house by the VIP Relations Team, growth made the task unfeasible.


The Solution

Asendia UK works with the Frieze VIP Relations Team and the Exhibitor Relations Team to clean data lists, print VIP cards, invitations and envelopes. The Asendia UK team will then match invitations and VIP cards with envelopes before they are distributed. Asendia UK mail out over 45,200 items of mail for Frieze twice a year.

Now that Frieze has outsourced to a team trained to handle complex and large quantity mail outs, allowing the VIP Relations Team and the Events Management Team to focus on other aspects of the events, this proves to be a great benefit to them.

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We have now been working with Asendia for two and a half years and have been well looked-after. We are always looking at improving our mailing solution while focusing on quality; it is very important for our brand and we are satisfied with the service we have received. We have a constant dialogue with our Account Manager and often share ideas and innovation suggestions. We have been pleased with the flexibility Asendia has proved to have to accommodate late and complex mailing jobs.

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