Subscriber Press

Delivering your publications straight to your readers.

A prompt and reliable way to send magazines, newspapers, and corporate publications directly to readers including subscribers, members and customers all around the world, from any country. We offer a simple and easy to use solution supported by a complete range of additional services right across the process chain.


  • Helping you reach your readers quickly and cost effectively
  • Solutions to meet your individual needs through modular options and services
  • Ideal for urgent shipments such as daily newspapers to foreign destinations
  • Increase reader satisfaction through timely and reliable international delivery

Our Subscriber Press solutions make

cross-border business simple and dependable; bringing your publications to

readers all over the world.

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Successes with Asendia

Ensuring our publications arrive on time and in prime condition is vital for our business and reputation, and we are most appreciated with Asendia for its services and support.

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