How to Select the Right International Delivery Provider

This free e-book explains what you should look for when selecting an international delivery provider.


Why should you read 'How to Select the Right International Delivery Provider'?

When the time comes for your business to expand globally, an international delivery provider is going to be key to its success. 66% of shoppers have purchased goods from one retailer over another because the delivery experience was more appealing. A huge 96% of those shoppers said that would return to a retailer they had a positive delivery experience with.

So, prioritising a positive delivery experience for your customers is crucial, particularly when you’re trying to establish your brand in international markets.


Contents of this e-book

  • What to look for with international parcel tracking
  • Setting up International delivery for your business
  • Making international delivery cost effective

About Asendia

Asendia is a leading international mail and e-commerce parcel specialist. A joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, with operations across Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America, and delivering worldwide.


Parcel solutions that empower you to grow your business


Offer Asendia’s parcel services to your international shoppers, and you could convert more online visitors into paying customers. This is because they will find delivery options on your website that are affordable, familiar, convenient, and trusted.

Minimise delivery queries and complaints

delivery queries

We provide very reliable parcel services working in partnership with trusted final-mile delivery providers that can meet local market expectations. We also have an online platform where your shoppers can track their parcels and we send them delivery notifications in their language.

Reduce the time it takes to manage cross-border parcel logistics


Asendia Shipping, our multi-carrier shipping platform outputs the label you need, to get each parcel to its destination using the service your shopper has chosen. It also manages your parcel data, enabling smooth paperless customs clearance.

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