2021 Shipping Projections to Stay Ahead of

14 December, 2020


With the global pandemic raging on, experts are predicting that fallout will linger well into 2021 for the shipping industry. Even throughout challenging economic times, e-commerce businesses have been seeing growth due to varying degrees of lockdown efforts across the globe.

Let’s take a look at some of the projections we’re facing and how you can prepare your business for an uncertain year ahead. 

Be on the lookout...

  • Global Trade Growth of 2.5% - even as we work to combat the effects of COVID-19 on the global economy, growth in the e-commerce industry is expected to continue throughout the coming years. 
  • Slowing of Container Ocean Shipments - anticipate slow turnaround times as the industry struggles to catch up to a spike in demand.
  • Fluid Pricing on Air Freight - constantly changing regulations has meant day-to-day changes in pricing on air freight shipments — a trend that’s expected to carry over into 2021.
  • USPS Interruptions or Dissolution - the future of the United States Postal Service is uncertain as the government fights over funding.
  • Changing Government Regulations - rules and regulations will shift quickly as efforts are made to stop the spread of the virus.

Be ready...

  • Know the Regulations - seek out clarity on the federal and local levels. Reach out to local Chambers of Commerce for advice on best practices.
  • Team Up with a Strategic Shipping Provider - use the expertise of a shipping partner like Asendia USA to your advantage — they’ll know what services are available and what your best options are.
  • Be Flexible - simplify your production and distribution and work with a shipping partner that can pivot quickly as the situation evolves.


Looking for an e-commerce shipping expert to help you prepare for these challenges? Contact Asendia USA today!


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