Asendia announces offset of 100% carbon emissions worldwide

29 July, 2021

E-Commerce Sustainability

Sustainability isn't a new topic to Asendia. Our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, were ahead of their time by focusing on sustainability and carbon neutrality. In fact, La Poste was the first operator in the world to reach carbon neutrality in 2012 for mail, parcel, express, and digital services. 

Asendia is proudly continuing that heritage, with sustainability as a core strategic focus.

In 2020, Asendia offset carbon emissions on international transport* within Europe. This totaled 50,990 tCO2e. This amount was offset by supporting a certified wind farm in India and verified by EcoArt. View certificate.


To take steps forward to become more sustainable, we are delighted to announce that from 2021,

Asendia now offsets 100% of carbon emissions related to international transportation* worldwide. 

The offset emissions will be used to support another wind project which covers multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all".

Project 2021: Gaolin Wind Project

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal. Since 1990, carbon emissions have increased by 343% — and, despite air pollution and respiratory illnesses, coal still covers nearly 70% of China's energy needs.

This project, located in Yunnan province and Liaoning province, promotes the use and development of renewable energy. It covers the construction of 99 wind turbines with a capacity of 1500kW each, for a total of 148,5 MW installed.

Project 2 UN Sustainable Goals

Supporting wind power carbon offset projects:

  • Stimulates economic and social development in communities
  • Helps conserve natural resources including land and forests
  • Helps overcome the initial costs of setting up a wind farm
  • Promotes renewable energies

We would like to thank our customers who use our services. Their contribution is assisting these vital projects to reduce climate change. 


Find out more about sustainability at Asendia by reading this article by our Chief Human Resources Office, Barbara Schielke.

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* excluding first-mile (pick up) in the country of origin and last-mile delivery in the destination country.

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