Gaming Distributor Utilizes Asendia USA’s New DPD and Direct Access Services in Response to Increased Shipping Demands

18 July, 2023

E-Commerce News

PHILADELPHIA, PA — July 18, 2023 — Creating a shared commitment to prioritize exceptional customer experience, an innovative video game distributor based in the Southeastern U.S. has chosen Asendia USA to enhance its international shipping operations and cater to the growing demand for their premium collector's edition packages.

Known for preserving the physicality of gaming and bringing gamers' favorite digital releases to life, this industry distributor offers physical versions of popular video games, capitalizing on the nostalgia and excitement prevalent in the gaming community. Though we live in an increasingly digital world, this company likes to maintain the essence of the past era of gaming where customers would take home physical copies. Their extensive catalog includes titles for platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, retro consoles, and more.

As consumer demand increased through the rapid growth of their premium collector's edition packages in 2023, this video game distributor sought out an ideal shipping partner that could provide faster transit times, an outstanding customer experience, as well as a proven track record of success. Asendia USA emerged as the ideal solution provider, offering innovative services tailored to their unique needs and requirements.

This gaming distributor currently utilizes Asendia USA's e-PAQ Select Direct Access Canada, e-PAQ Elite powered in Europe by DPD, and e-PAQ Elite DDP. These services enable the company to provide their international customers — in Canada and around the world — with a DDP solution that offers the transits needed, along with the security that their shipments will reach the end recipients, which is crucial since their products are of limited supply.

"Our client in the gaming industry and Asendia have a great relationship from our past partnership, so working together again has always seemed to be in the cards," said Shawn Trahey, Account Executive at Asendia USA. "With Asendia's new DPD and Direct Access services combined with our partner's growth and need in the express parcel space, working together again made perfect sense!”

For more information about Asendia USA’s e-PAQ solutions for online retailers, please visit

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