Get the Best International Shipping Rates for Subscription Boxes

27 December, 2021


In this interview with the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA), Nick Agnetti of Asendia USA shares his insights on getting the best international shipping rates for sending subscription boxes worldwide.

If you run a subscription box business and are shipping internationally but looking to attract more shoppers by offering the best international shipping rates, this SUBTA Studios episode is for you!

Nick talks to SUBTA about shipping subscription boxes internationally. A lot has changed in the global shipping industry over the past year. Do you know how will these changes affect your subscription box business? And what the difference is between "duties prepaid," and "duties unpaid"?

Global e-commerce shipping is a complex and ever-changing industry. As a result, many e-commerce sellers find international shipping to be challenging - sub box sellers are no exception. Working with a partner like Asendia USA can help you meet the challenge head on and grow your business, reaching shoppers around the world with more manageable international shipping rates!

Watch the full SUBTA Studios interview with Nick Agnetti, Midwest Account Executive at Asendia USA, here.

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