How corporate publishing can help bring your business to life

23 September, 2020


In an age of ‘fake news’, shortened attention spans and readily available online content, reaching customers with communications that connect and build trust has never been more important.

However, corporate publishing remains a highly effective and popular way of sharing news and building a deeper connection with your customers. In a survey of the German-speaking market, 98.1% of respondents said that corporate publishing enhanced their awareness of the company, while 97.3% per cent said it improved the business’s reputation and 96.7% said it deepened connections with customers.

The key to unlocking these benefits is telling stories that are relevant and connect with your customers and reach them in the right place. Here’s how to do it.


Understand your readers

Start by identifying who your readers are and how the stories you have to tell are likely to interest or help them. This will inform the content you create, whether it’s editorial, how-to-guides, customer case studies or profiles of thought leaders within your business. Ensure that everything you create is aligned with readers’ interests and delivered in clear, easy-to-read language and creates a conversation between your business and the audience.


Get your content into the right hands

No matter how well-considered or engaging your content, it will fall flat unless placed in front of the right audience. Here, a strategy like Print Placement can help ensure the right people are reading your content, in a setting that’s relevant and gives them the time to read it. By using this approach, you up your exposure to potential customers and improve your chances of winning new business by reaching the right people at the right place.


Target the right regions

Going ‘international’ with your corporate publications can really bolster your company’s presence in the market, but it’s important to first consider whether it’s the right step for your business. For example, there’s little advantage in publishing euro-centric content in Southern Asia or the Far East.

Once you’ve decided where you plan to send your publication, it’s vital to consider any cultural factors or sensitivities in that region. For instance, for a publication planned for delivery in Saudi Arabia, you need to ensure that models are photographed wearing appropriately modest attire. So alongside translating your content, you may want to consider localising it as well.

In addition, it’s worth considering giving the advertising in your publication a local slant. Local companies may be interested in placing advertisements within corporate magazines, which can help your publication better connect.


Use the physical publication as a marketing tool

It’s often overlooked, but how your publication looks and feels to a reader is an important part of your marketing strategy. Great design that catches the eye, breaks up written content, and fits with your company branding can help potential customers form a clear idea of who your brand is.

Likewise, the materials you use will are important for building an impression of your brand. For instance, high-quality, weighty stock fits perfectly with the ethos of a luxury lifestyle brand. Another key consideration is sustainability. Public opinion on climate change has permanently shifted, which has made the use of eco-friendly materials vital to publishers. Consider using biodegradable wrapping or, better still, make the whole magazine environmentally friendly.


Work with a multi-channel distribution partner

Although the placement of your corporate publication is important, it’s only one element of the marketing toolkit. Creating a multi-channel approach by coupling your print publication with digital and social content improves your reach to customers, no matter their preferred channel.

Alongside this, it’s crucial to choose the right distribution partner. Look for a partner that can help with every element of your publication, from strategy to distribution and placement right through to advising on the best materials to use.

At Asendia, we help publishers with all of the above, ensuring your publications are placed at the most effective touchpoints for your audience, distributed cost-effectively and reliably, and to the right people at the right time.


To find out more about how Asendia USA can help you better reach your customers and ensure your publication is distributed efficiently around the world, talk to us today.


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