How to Choose the Best eCommerce Solutions for Your Business

10 June, 2020

E-Commerce Returns

With so many options available, it can be exhausting trying to choose the best ecommerce solutions for your business. You need to feel comfortable using whichever platforms you choose, and they should be able to grow with your company. So do you choose the one-stop-shop everyone else is using, or should you seek out a more customized experience?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all ecommerce businesses. What’s best for you depends on the immediate needs and priorities of your company, as well as your long term goals for growth. Here’s what you need to consider when weighing your options:



Your ecommerce solutions should be able to quickly integrate with your website. Evaluate whether you’ll be using them in conjunction with your website or as an extension -- find out what your current web server can do. Integration with social media is also important so that fans of your brand can easily share your shop across social platforms and drive brand awareness.


Ease of Use

Nothing will jack up your bounce rate like a site that isn’t user-friendly. In fact, experts agree it’s one of the most important factors that determine whether customers will return to your site or not. If your page runs slowly, refuses to load, or is difficult to navigate, your customers will become discouraged before the idea of making a purchase even crosses their minds.

Likewise, your site must also be easy to use on mobile devices. Statistics show mobile shopping will only increase in the future -- so don’t get left behind the curve. You need to be ready to accommodate customers with a mobile-friendly site. Responsive web design is your solution here to allow your site’s layout to change with the size of the viewer’s screen.



If you are selling physical products -- how will your parcels be delivered? Can you offer your customers tracking of their packages? Managing shipments, returns, and customer support can be complicated and costly. Companies like Asendia USA offer a wide range of integrated ecommerce solutions along with competitive pricing and expertise in international shipping.



Do the ecommerce solutions you’re choosing fit your budget? Consider how you pay for them -- monthly subscription, annual subscription, one-time license fees -- you may find ways to save by paying for a longer subscription up front. Keep in mind that the number of users will often affect the cost of subscription as well. However, there are also many free options and various companies offer free trials of their products too -- so shop around.


Popular Features

Different ecommerce solutions offer a variety of components that suit different needs. Where could your business use some support? Some popular features include: CRM, Data Security, Email Marketing, Mobile Access, Multi-Channel Marketing, Multi-Store Management, Promotions Management, Returns Management, Reviews Management, and Templates. It should be noted that using the most popular online eCommerce choice may mean more traffic to your site.

Choosing a platform is just the beginning -- the real challenge lies in promoting your business well. Strong branding can draw people to your site and convert clicks to sales -- and efficient integration between your site, store, and social media is your key to success.

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