Join RetailX for the France Ecommerce Report Update Webinar on 13th October

29 September, 2020
Paris France Skyline

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Asendia’s Elodie Vauthier, Project Manager and expert in the French market, will join RetailX in this webinar to discuss the key findings of the France 2020: Ecommerce Country Report.

Join RetailX for the France Ecommerce Report Update Webinar during their first European Ecommerce Week where they will host 10 insightful and thought provoking webinars in 5 days, free of charge!

On Tuesday, 13th October, RetailX, along with Elodie Vauthier of Asendia, will explore France’s ecommerce market and discuss the attitudes of customers, important logistical factors, and what has changed since the launch of the France 2020: Ecommerce Country Report (download the report today).


Join us for RetailX's webinar on 13 October, 2020!


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