LPM Webinar: Supply Chain Challenges & Solutions in the COVID-19 Pandemic

01 May, 2020

E-Commerce Mail

Loss Prevention Magazine (LPM) hosted a free webinar on April 24th discussing Supply Chain Challenges & Solutions in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Asendia USA's Director of Compliance, Jason Rowland*, was part of this panel of experts! If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording on-demand today!

COVID-19 has forced businesses around the world to adapt and in many cases to transform from their typical business model to now relying heavily on a variety of delivery models to attract and retain stay-at-home customers. While retailers are trying to adapt to the new normal of limiting the number of customers, enforcing social distancing, curbside pick-up, and other new measures, the challenge of supplying these stores and gearing up for the country’s phased reopening has brought an entirely new set of logistical difficulties that require creative thinking to meet the demand and ensure safe, timely delivery.

This free webinar hosted by LPM brought together a panel of supply chain experts including Byron Smith, Glenn Master, and Jason Rowland to discuss Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Topics included:

  • Driver safety
  • “Creative” procurement through alternative suppliers
  • Staffing challenges
  • Land, sea, and air transport opportunities
  • Supplying the global economy

Click here to visit LPM and register today to watch this recording on-demand.

*Jason Rowland is the director of compliance for Asendia USA where he leads all compliance and loss prevention initiatives. He spent 11 years with the US Department of Homeland Security, most recently as a lead transportation security inspector as a subject-matter expert in the federal regulation of the passenger and cargo air transportation industry.

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