Markets to Watch: Why France and Switzerland are Prime Destinations for E-commerce Shipping

30 April, 2024
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As experts in end-to-end logistics solutions, Asendia is taking a look at some of the most exciting Markets to Watch around the world for e-commerce brands.

In this blog we’re putting the spotlight on France and Switzerland – two key markets with high-level trade access to the rest of Europe.

France and Switzerland represent exciting opportunities for e-tailers capable of meeting customers’ high expectations. The willingness of French and Swiss consumers to be pragmatic and look cross-border for the best online deals means that both countries come with an inbuilt appetite for cross-border shopping.

France is Europe’s 2nd largest e-commerce market according to Fevad1 (Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling) and its shoppers spend more time online than any other European country, so they’re more than happy to spend time exploring their options to find the best deal, even if that means importing. 

Similarly, Switzerland shares its border with several significant European economies. Although it’s not in the EU, Switzerland’s favourable exchange rate and low custom duties makes cross-border purchases from neighbouring countries a popular choice for Swiss shoppers; 52% of Swiss cross-border purchases come from Germany and 25% from France.

According to Thomas Haumueller, Senior Product Manager at Asendia “Switzerland’s central location to multiple EU countries and e-shoppers’ openness to importing goods present plenty e-commerce opportunities for businesses.” 

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High-spending shoppers with high expectations

Another big incentive for e-tailers is the strength of both economies. As an EU member France has access to the largest trading bloc in the world and Switzerland is famed for its business-friendly regulatory environment. 

These consumers also wield high spending power – but that comes with certain expectations. Swiss shoppers are generally prepared to pay more for quality, whilst French customers place value on high-class service. 

Bénédicte Denni, Senior e-PAQ Product Manager at Asendia, observes that “Above all, French consumers expect great service at a good price. They list availability of products (61%) and retailer reliability (51%) as their main reasons for shopping online.”

Overall, the French and Swiss markets represent enticing options for e-tailers. With well-established e-commerce infrastructure networks and high potential for further growth, e-commerce brands able to tap into these lucrative markets are setting themselves up for success. 

But navigating the challenges and exploiting the pitfalls of new markets is easier said than done. As specialists in international shipping and returns, Asendia offers a range of insights to help e-tailers deliver better value for shoppers.

To discover more insights about why France and Switzerland represent such an exciting option for e-tailers, download our new Markets to Watch e-book.

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