Our New e-PAQ Shipping Services Have Launched

14 January, 2021


Now more than ever you need a shipping company that you can rely on to support your business during these extremely busy times.

The year 2020 affected businesses all around the globe, and the e-Commerce industry is no exception. However, much of the impact on e-Commerce has been positive with sales tripling now that consumers are avoiding crowded areas such as stores and shopping malls due to the pandemic.

Asendia’s e-PAQ services keep our four core products but with extra benefits. Services range from standard to elite depending on the etailer’s needs regarding tracking, speed of delivery, price, weight, and availability. Let’s go over each service to see which one will work best for your business!

e-PAQ Standard
Ideal for low-value purchases, the Standard option will provide you with our lowest rate for international shipping and comes with basic milestone tracking and easy customs handling. This service is ideal for packages that weigh up to 4.4 lbs with a value of $400 or less. Coverage is worldwide, and packages will be delivered by local postal operators in the destination country, yielding reliability and excellent value for the price.

e-PAQ Plus
This budget-friendly e-PAQ service is for etailers that want greater peace of mind when it comes to tracking packages. E-PAQ Plus features all the amenities of our Standard solution, but also gives you and your customers assurance that their purchases are on their way with export, import, and delivery tracking! This solution offers worldwide coverage with tracking available in most countries.

e-PAQ Select
If you want your parcels to go out fast and fully tracked, then our Select service is the best choice for you and your business! This shipping option has undeniable value, and is available to major and emerging e-commerce destinations worldwide for packages up to 66 lbs. Select also provides you with more personalized options such as proof of delivery, customs prepaid or paid at the destination, and economy delivery to select areas. If this service appeals to your business, you can contact us for additional personalization options!

e-PAQ Elite
Last, but definitely not least, Asendia offers e-Commerce businesses an Elite service that is by far the fastest and most comprehensive delivery experience of the range! e-PAQ Elite, available for packages up to 66 lbs, offers worldwide coverage, tracking to most countries, customs paid at destination and prepaid options, and optimized tracking performance – as well as additional options available on request.

With plenty of options to choose from, we invite you to take advantage of our global network for the fastest and most reliable international shipping! At Asendia USA, we keep your costs low and offer significant discounts that smaller sellers are not normally eligible for with big carriers such as FedEx or USPS as well as a more hands-on experience. Contact us today to see how we can team up to improve the international shipping process for your e-Commerce business!


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