Q4 Shipping Tactics to Maximize Your e-Commerce Business

24 September, 2020


As we enter the fourth quarter of 2020, e-commerce business owners are gearing up for their busiest time of year. Online shopping orders are already at record highs this year due to the global pandemic — but experts expect demand to triple after Thanksgiving as consumers avoid crowded stores and shopping malls.

In an average year, most Top 1000 companies start preparing for the holidays in July and August — and this year is shaping up to be the biggest season for e-commerce yet! Have you started getting ready? 

Now more than ever you need a resilient shipping partner who can adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s etailers. Major shipping carriers like FedEx and the USPS are inundated with higher than average shipping volumes — resulting in delays and complications. Teaming up with a company like Asendia USA allows you to take advantage of their global network for the fastest possible shipping times. Plus, they can keep your costs low by leveraging their high volumes for extra discounts that smaller sellers may not be eligible for.

The key to maximizing the growth of your e-commerce business is to provide comprehensive, affordable shipping and tracking options that make customers feel safe buying from you again and again. Prepare early with a plan for all major holidays so that you can make sure you meet critical shipping deadlines. These tactics can help:

  1. Make any website changes now — updates, improvements, and fixes for optimal user experience.
  2. Offer integrated shipping solutions to facilitate customer transactions with real-time shipping calculations and estimated arrival dates.
  3. Be prepared to increase your prices so you can offer free shipping — customers will often feel more comfortable paying a bit more for an item when shipping costs are reduced.
  4. Communicate deadlines clearly so there are no unhappy surprises when it comes time to check out. Don’t forget to include all major holidays!
  5. Ease the anxiety of buying gifts online by offering end-to-end tracking of your shipments so your customers can see when their packages will arrive.

It’s time to develop your plan of attack for the end of this year! How will you handle the volume of orders coming your way? With the right tactics and shipping partner, Q4 is sure to be an opportunity for major growth for your e-commerce business.

If you want to learn more about how Asendia USA can help you expand — contact us to speak with an account specialist today!


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