Shipping to Canada with Asendia USA

21 September, 2022


Entice Canadian shoppers who are eager to purchase new products across borders.

Asendia USA can help etailers expand their presence in Canada with ease with improved shipping options, tracking visibility, and more.

Why should US etailers ship to Canada?

Over 30 million consumers in Canada shop online, making Canada the 10th largest market for e-commerce. With e-commerce revenue of US$ 35 billion in 2021, Canada offers a prime growth opportunity for online businesses in the US.

Why is shipping to Canada so expensive?

Canadian shoppers are looking for transparency about shipping fees. Duty and customs taxes are charged for any orders from the USA valued over $40 CAN. These costs can be charged to your customers unless you are working with an international shipping provider, like Asendia USA, that can offer Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping.

On July 27, 2022, Asendia USA announced a joint venture with Broad Reach and Dave Mays to further strengthen and expand its service offering for US-based retailers shipping to Canada. With an e-commerce ecosystem that is booming, and an overwhelming majority of the population speaking English and shopping cross-border, Canada represents a tremendous and promising opportunity for US-based etailers looking to expand internationally with ease. There’s room for growth in this market and a need for more attractive solutions for retailers.

What causes slowdowns?

Environmental factors may have a slight impact on your shipping times, especially during brutal winter weather – but customs can cause slowdowns in your deliveries for weeks or up to a month! Customs clearance is a huge element to consider when choosing an international shipping provider.

Why choose Asendia USA?

It’s simple – Asendia USA is your best choice for shipping from the US to Canada. We offer unique and reliable shipping solutions at competitive rates to help grow your sales across the border with ease. With efficient and cost-effective entry points within Canada, customs clearance, and direct entry into the Canadian final mile network, and more – Asendia USA has what you need to succeed.

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