Markets to Watch: Shipping to the International-focused Markets of the UK and Australia

07 May, 2024
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Half a world apart but alike in language and culture, UK and Australian consumers share a fondness for online shopping. 

E-commerce is hugely popular with consumers in both countries. The UK is the largest e-commerce market in Europe and, in 2022, 82% of Australian households made online purchases. 

Australia and the UK also share an international focus. Post-Brexit, the UK is looking to expand its horizons by joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement with countries including Australia as well as Canada, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand. 

Meanwhile, Australians are already used to international trading. The generous custom duty threshold of 1,000 AUD incentivizes imports and millions of Australians buy from international brands each year.

Marie Barrance, Sales Director UK at Asendia, links the popularity of foreign brands with the growing spending power of Australia’s population, saying “This international outlook, combined with rising incomes, makes Australia an attractive destination for any online retailer.” 

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Above all, UK and Australia e-commerce customers value the ease of online shopping. Both countries have mature and sophisticated infrastructures which means that buyers can choose delivery options which offer the most convenience for them.

As Thomas Sjolin, CEO of Asendia Nordics, explains, “UK consumers expect a convenient and stress-free shopping experience, looking online for lower prices and valuing home delivery and an easy returns process.”

It’s a similar case in Australia. Asendia Australia CEO Lou Milicevic observes that “Australia is a fast growing market and e-commerce consumers are enthusiastically adopting the online shopping trend for its convenience and value for money.”

E-commerce brands who enter the UK and Australian market will find ready and waiting online audiences, offering up exciting growth potential for e-tailers. The value and trust that UK and Australian consumers place in online shopping solutions shouldn’t be underestimated, but offering them convenience is key. 

As experts in international shipping and returns solutions, Asendia offers high-value insights and expertise to help brands achieve their e-commerce aims.  

To gain deeper insights into the opportunities and nuances of the UK and Australian e-commerce markets, download Asendia’s Markets to Watch e-book.

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