Top 5 Reasons Why a Fully Efficient and Operational Shipping Facility Matters

09 February, 2021


Are you making the top mistake made by most new e-commerce business owners? You have a great product, excellent marketing, all the necessary insurance and compliance, and orders are pouring in. Now what?

The e-commerce process doesn’t end once orders are placed. On the contrary — that’s where the process begins. DON’T try to do it all yourself!

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Reasons you NEED to team up with a shipping partner that has fully-efficient and operational shipping facilities:

1. Efficiency Reduces Costs
Optimized distribution offers better labor productivity to save you money. Furthermore, an efficient shipping facility can lead to fewer errors. Spend less on managing returns and make greater profits!

2. Better Inventory Management
Late shipments, delayed order processing, and poor customer service are the fastest ways to lose business. Maintain a clear picture of your stock, get real-time updates, and offer superior customer service with Asendia USA’s order fulfillment services.

3. Maximize Flexibility
Make sure you’re meeting ever-evolving legal requirements and customer needs by choosing a superior shipping partner to manage the packing and shipping of your products. Asendia USA is always staying ahead of the curve to make international shipping faster, easier, and more efficient.

4. Enrich Customer Service
Provide better customer service and retain repeat business by improving distribution and ensuring timely deliveries. Provide transparent communication and offer real-time order tracking to keep shoppers happy.

5. Improve Risk Management
Diversify your suppliers and pair with a stable delivery partner to help improve your risk management and avoid backorders. The biggest mistake most e-commerce business owners make is focusing too much on day-to-day operations and not enough on big-picture growth. Build a strong base of repeat customers who trust your brand — team up with Asendia USA for seamless, fast, and efficient delivery of your products.

At Asendia USA, we empower you to spend more time growing your business and less time and resources on warehousing, staff, IT systems, carrier management, customer inquiries, and planning for changes in demand.

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