USA E-commerce Webinar, featuring Asendia

13 December, 2019


In this webinar, Ecommerce Foundation’s Senior Research Analyst, Sara Lone, discussed the status of Ecommerce in the USA with Asendia’s Yvette Hooites, Product Manager and expert on international logistics.

In the ‘Zooming in on USA Ecommerce 2019’ webinar, the speakers reviewed the key findings of Ecommerce Foundation’s recent USA B2C E-commerce Report. This webinar focused on consumer behaviours and preferences of online shoppers in the USA, as well as the obstacles and opportunities for retailers selling into and inside the United States. The speakers also discussed tips for SME’s on how to develop your business from a logistics perspective to succeed in the United States. Finally, the main differences between the USA ecommerce market and other markets around the world were discussed from a logistics perspective.

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