What to Expect from Asendia’s Fully-Tracked Goods International Delivery Service

27 June, 2018

Great logistics provide the foundation for any business. Today, customers have high expectations when it comes to shipping and, when a brand doesn’t deliver on those expectations, it can be a deal breaker. Asendia’s Fully-Tracked Goods international delivery service is designed to help businesses meet customer expectations and build better brand relationships.


Well established delivery networks

Customer packages are delivered by the national postal operator – this is not only one of the most trusted options for shipping but also ensures the most extensive coverage. For example, with Asendia’s Fully-Tracked Goods international delivery service, mailbox delivery is available for 48 countries and personal delivery is available worldwide with tracking information for more than 70 destinations. So, wherever your customers are based, Asendia can help you to reach them.

Exceptional quality of service

A high-quality service contributes to customer satisfaction when it comes to delivery and will give your business a good chance of securing repeat purchases. Asendia has worked to create a service that is high quality, transparent and offers plenty of choice when it comes to shipping options, cost and delivery speed. There is also flexibility when it comes to the delivery itself – customers looking for security can opt for personal delivery while others enjoy the convenience of mailbox delivery.

Reliable shipping, every time

Asendia’s networks are well established and we have extensive experience when it comes to ensuring a reliable service. This is supported by a number of tools that provide necessary reassurance when customers are keen to locate their packages and this can help to reduce the number of customer service support calls your business receives. Delivery notification emails keep customers (and your business) up to date on the progress of a parcel, for example, and tracking is available so that customers can see just how reliable delivery with Asendia really is.

Prepping packages

When you’re using our tracked goods services it’s important to ensure that parcels and packages are properly prepared for their transit. Goods can easily become damaged if they are not protected and well packed and this can be costly in terms of both expense and reputation. Packages should be:

  • In the right sized box – too small and items may burst through, too large and items may move and be damaged
  • Within the size specifications - length + width + height of items should be less than 900 mm and no single dimension larger than 600 mm
  • Protected – bubble wrap or packing peanuts are a great way to ensure that items stay put and are insulated against knocks or pressure
  • Well sealed – it’s always a good idea to use a double layer of packing tape so that there is no chance that a box may spring open in transit

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