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The Exciting French E-commerce Market

Why is the French market such an attractive opportunity for e-commerce? This video explores the rapid growth of online retail in France, as well as the emerging trends of French online shoppers. Watch our exciting introduction to the French e-commerce market.

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E-commerce in Norway is Booming

E-commerce in Norway is currently worth €8.5 billion a year – a booming market strengthened by the fact that most young Norwegians shop online every month. This is a wealthy society with a high purchasing power; savvy consumers who are hungry for quality cross-border goods.

If you want the ideal delivery partner with expert knowledge of getting packages, mail and publications to new customers in Norway, then get in touch with Asendia. We offer a wide range of services for those looking to export to Norwegian consumers, including various delivery options, goods tracking and returns management. Let us advise you on what matters most to Norwegian customers: fast delivery, efficient returns, good price points and online visibility.


The annual worth of e-commerce in Norway


Expected growth in average annual spend per e-shopper by 2021


of Norwegians aged between 18 and 29 shop online every month

Destination Norway e-book

In this e-book you'll discover all the reasons you should be looking to target Norway as your next e-commerce destination.


Switzerland - Small but Mighty

Switzerland is one of the world’s most exciting e-commerce destinations. It’s a nation of affluent customers with high purchasing power, always on the lookout for international products that have a lower price point than expensive local goods. E-commerce in Switzerland is growing year-on-year and is showing no signs of slowing down.

There are many factors that make Switzerland an ideal destination for e-tailers: English is widely spoken, the local delivery network is well established, and exporting to Switzerland is straightforward. Having evolved from Swiss Post in a joint enterprise with La Poste, Asendia has unparalleled experience to help you achieve e-commerce success here.

3 reasons for expanding into Switzerland


Rated in the top 3 in Europe for online cross-border purchases


A technologically developed country with very high internet penetration


A rich nation of high-spending consumers