Shipping Small Parcels Internationally for the Holiday Season? Check Out These 5 Methods!

30 September, 2020

E-Commerce International Shipping

Are you gearing up for a busy holiday season? Experts are predicting three times average demand this season compared to previous years! If you’ll be sending out lots of small parcels around the world in the coming months, you’ll need to offer comprehensive shipping options for your customers. Check out these 5 methods offered by Asendia USA!

  1. Standard Goods
    Ideal for small or low value packages — Standard Goods is a cost-effective and reliable international delivery option that is perfect for e-Commerce shipments that do not require tracking.
  2. Country-tracked Goods
    Shipping small packages worldwide? Country-tracked Goods shipping services allow you to track when your parcels leave their departure country and arrive in their destination country — ideal for e-Commerce sellers looking for a more cost-effective tracked solution.
  3. Fully-tracked Goods
    Reach shoppers in over 220 countries and territories worldwide and provide them with access to priority shipping and tracking from pickup to delivery. With e-commerce solutions that integrate smoothly into your existing online platforms — this option offers the best value for a priority trackable solution.
  4. Premium Goods
    Ideal for urgent shipments requiring tracking and simplified clearance — Premium Goods is a customizable, express e-commerce shipping solution offering end-to-end tracking and expedited delivery to key markets through our enhanced global distribution network.
  5. USPS International ePacket
    With a close and prosperous relationship spanning well over three decades — Asendia USA is able to offer customers significant discounts on USPS postage for mail and parcels. ePacket shipping, for example, is one of the fastest and most economical shipping solutions for etailers shipping low weight, moderate value merchandise. AND it’s just one of the many USPS International options we offer.

There’s no more reliable shipping partner than Asendia USA. We are constantly evolving to provide fast and easy international e-commerce solutions that meet the ever changing needs of our customers. If you’re getting ready for a busy holiday season — contact us today to speak with an account specialist and see how we can help you!


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